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NameHeroes Unleashed
Latest Version1.0.20
MOD Features No
PlatformsAndroid 4.0.3
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If you are looking for a novel FPS game, let me suggest you Heroes Unleashed. This is a special FPS game developed by Tianyoo but Jollity is the publisher of this title. While the survival games are very popular in the mobile gaming market, this game can bring you new experiences with shooting games combined with the tactics of a MOBA game.


Heroes Unleashed pvp

Heroes Unleashed is a first-person shooter game, has the plot in the future in a technologically advanced world where human engineering has advanced. However, that indirectly led the world to the brink of extinction. Enemies are beginning to the war and participate in the war to vie for power. You are the last hope of the world. Take part in the resistance forces to discourage the enemy’s plot.

The control mechanism of Heroes Unleashed is similar to other shooting games. Use your left finger to control the moving character, your right finger to perform actions such as shooting, bombing, jumping and bending down. In addition, this game also has a special feature, which allows you to use some special skills of the character.

Heroes Unleashed moba

Why say this game has elements of a MOBA game? Before starting the game, the player needs to choose a character among the available characters. The character system of the game is divided into four main roles, including Offense, Defense, Tank, Support. Each character has its own unique skills, and they also have many different weapons. After each game, you can use the money to buy more characters you want.

Throughout the game are 5vs5 real-time PvP matches like MOBA games such as League of Legends or Dota. The weapon system of the game is also very special. Are not the familiar weapons you often see in FPS games or Fortnite, there are modern weapons in science fiction films such as Electric Guns, Laser Guns, … Sure this game will carry come to you a lot of surprises.

Many attractive modes

Heroes Unleashed modes

In Escort Mission mode, one team will be responsible for escorting the car to the destination, while the other will find ways to stop the car. Many wars will break out in this mode. To win, each team must find the right tactics and kill the entire opponent team. After the match ends, you change the team to continue the battle.

Compared to the above mode, Team Deathmatch mode is less tactical. What you have to do in this mode is to kill as many enemies as possible. When time is over, the team that kills more will win. Besides, Capture The Flag is an exciting mode. Every game, you discover a different map, which helps the game avoid the boring.


Heroes Unleashed graphics

I have experienced Heroes Unleashed on an average phone and feel the game runs smooth, stability. 3D graphics of the game is quite sharp and real, not inferior to other FPS games on the market. Because each weapon has a different effect, in each battle there are quite a lot of visual effects appearing on a frame, making the game a bit chaotic. The environment in the game is also designed quite lively in many colors. The interface is also good, reasonably designed with a mobile screen.


In general, Heroes Unleashed is a worthwhile FPS game in 2018. The game is available for Android devices and is completely free, you can download it via the links below. Besides, you can experience some other interesting games like Battlelands Royale.

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  • Heroes Unleashed for Android APK - v1.0.7

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