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NameHero Siege: Pocket Edition
Package Namecom.panicartstudios.herosiegepocket
PublisherPanic Art Studios
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
PriceFREE $9.99
RequiresAndroid 4.1

Hero Siege: Pocket Edition MOD APK is the ultimate hack-and-slash role-playing game from the publisher Panic Art Studios. I have never played a roguelike game where the character speed is this fast, and the fighting is this great.

Introduce about Hero Siege

Stop Satan and the demon army in the depths of the dungeon

Why do I play Hero Siege?

Many people play Hero Siege because they want to reminisce about the illustrious Diablo era. Others play because of the challenge, the top difficulty of the game. For me, I play because of curiosity.

Having heard too many people talking about Hero Siege as a Diablo pocket mobile version, the instinctive curiosity about it aroused me, so I downloaded and tried it. After playing for a few days, I have the following comments about Hero Siege. Let’s see if you feel the same thing as me.

The story

Deep below the land of Tarethiel, a group of bad priests with ambitions to rule the world have secretly united the four pieces of the guardian stele to awaken the ghostly legions sealed under the dungeon. If this event successfully follows their schedule and plan, it will eventually awaken the great evil Satan from hell. You will play as a hero who stops this whole plan before humanity goes to ruin. The long battle in the dungeons begins…

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For a Hack ‘n’ Slash fighting game with roguelike and RPG elements, the plot is, as usual, nothing to talk about. It is just an excuse to go into mass battles in dark dungeons. Your task is simply to destroy a lot of big and small monsters of all kinds. At the end of each level, you must defeat a boss to go to the next level.

To make the battle more poetic, the publisher has cleverly integrated several sub-maps in the form of small puzzles. Playing these games is also good, but not very beneficial. So, I think you should focus on fighting monsters, defeat the boss well, and then you can buy anything you want.

The more you fight, the more Gold Coins you get. This money is used to buy some temporary power-ups, but if you die, they will disappear. When fighting monsters and bosses, some temporary or permanent power-up items will appear. So, fight actively, then you will get more and more interesting things, not just bonuses. You will get added stat points and skills when leveling up, so the excitement will never end. A dense system of ‘accessories’ to support you such as new skills, power-ups will appear randomly on each screen. Those are also small surprises worth looking forward to, aren’t they? 

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Each time for leveling up, you have two points, which can be added optionally to the main stats such as attack power, attack speed, defense, health, and skill points. Choosing which to increase depends on the situation and the strategy of each player. All the character’s skills are passive, except for some special skills randomly acquired in each level. 

About monsters and character classes

I really appreciate the character movement in this game. They can be controlled back and forth by emulator buttons below the screen, which will make you feel active. The characters move very fast, very smoothly that it sometimes feels like sliding on the dungeon floor. They can both move and shoot proficiently without being embarrassed or having to stop to shoot. However, the enemies are also many and move equally fast, sometimes even faster than you. So sometimes, you must have a good strategy to deal with each of them. It is said that there are more than 80 bosses and hundreds of small monsters along the way for you to fight and kill.

The maps are rich. Each screen has a distinctly different color tone and texture, so it always creates high excitement. The monster army has nothing to complain about. It’s too diverse, from the dry skeleton to the monsters that looked horrible.

There are many classes: Viking, Plague Doctor, Pyramancer, Maskman, Pirate, Nomad, Shield Lancer, Redneck, Necromancer, Samurai, Paladin, Amazon, Demon Slayer, Demonspawn, Shaman, White Mage, Marauder. Each character has different skills and ways of fighting, and different weapons. For example, Viking uses an ax, Pyromancer is a fire mage, Nomad uses a big sword, Pirate uses two pistols to attack from a distance…

Graphics and sounds

Reminiscent of old memories and Diablo, the graphics in Hero Siege: Pocket Edition are quite simple, in a 16-bit style though it is a modern game. Those who have never played this type of roguelike dungeon before will even find it a bit boring. But anyone who has ever been fascinated with this challenging game series will understand that everything needs to be as simple as possible because the essence and quality of the game lie in the strategy and fighting style.

Hero Siege Pocket Edition for Android 1440x810

The lighting and motion effects are quite numerous. Most of the time, you find the screen engulfed in battle smoke, which is enough for you to imagine the game’s difficulty. This hack-and-slash game has depth. You need to think carefully and make a good strategy, not just shoot or widely fight them.

MOD APK version of Hero Siege: Pocket Edition

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: You will have much money after you start the game.

Download Hero Siege: Pocket Edition APK & MOD for Android

The 16-bit game is reminiscent of the legend Diablo. It is fast, compact, and has more tactical depth through classes selection and upgrading items and skills for the character. The hack and slash game must be like that. It must be diverse, fast, beautiful, and full of challenges to show off your skills.

What are you waiting for without trying Hero Siege: Pocket Edition? Download the game here.

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