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Surely you are no stranger to tactical action game named Hero Academy was a hit a few years ago but somehow was removed from Google Play. And recently, Robot Entertainment has officially released this legendary game back into the game market called Hero Academy 2.

The second part of the game still base the features of the previous gameplay but has improved a lot in the gameplay as well as graphics, sound. Hero Academy 2 is widely available worldwide and is available for free on both iOS and Android platforms. Let us learn the unique features of the second title of the famous game Hero Academy.

Tactical gameplay

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Hero Academy 2 brings players an exciting action game. Unlike some fierce fighting games such as Shadow Fight 2 and WWE Mayhem, this game has tactical gameplay and requires a lot of grey matter to play. The combat mechanism of Hero Academy 2 is Turn-based Strategy. Turn-based fighting games often require players to make a lot of calculations for their actions, and Hero Academy 2 is no exception.

The map in Hero Academy 2 is a large rectangular area, divided into 8×5 cells. You will feel like playing chess, but this game is much more interesting. Starting Hero Academy 2, you must place a character in the box on the screen. On your screen, there will be monsters that make up the battlefield that you must find a way to destroy.

What is your mission?

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In this game, your task is destroying all the opponents, while exploiting the diamonds on the map. If you let the opponent destroy all of your heroes, you will be the loser. The diamonds will be a breakthrough version of this time, requires you to calculate more carefully to be able to exploit the diamond in the opponent’s obstruction. Because each turn in Hero Academy 2, you are only done a thing. If you are too busy with the diamonds, your team will die out of time. Be a talented general in this game, command your army to win. After each game, you will collect a lot of resources. Use them to unlock and upgrade the characters you own, maximizing the power for the next battle.

One special thing in this version of Hero Academy is the card character retrieval mechanism. Yes, you will collect and summon generals with all sorts of different powers in the game by picking and using cards. Hero Academy 2 has a variety of characters, ranging from warriors, gunners to mages. If the mages can hit enemies from different distances, the gladiators you have can only deal damage to enemies in the next box. This adds to the variety of tactics in the game. Also, you have the opportunity to pick some special skill cards in the game. Used to summon rain, sandstorm, thunderstorm, … to deal massive damage to create prestige on the map. These skills are only used once so you should save it in the critical stages of the game.

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Game modes

Hero Academy 2 brings players to two familiar PvP modes: in real-time and PvE multiplayer, unlocking mission-based plot. If the PvE games give you many resources, real-time PvP battles bring dramatic battles. Make history battle with your ingenious tactics. Each team layout gives you a whole new tactic. No general is weak, only those who do not know how to use only. Also, you can explore the entire world of Hero Academy 2 using the unique quest system of the game.

Hero Academy 2 has significantly upgraded graphics over previous versions. Forming characters like witches, monsters, warriors look funny, humorous but still depict the fierce in each battle. Especially the effects of lightning or explosive bombs are beautifully simulated. Also, Hero Academy 2 is also a lot of sound effects, bringing the maximum fun for players.

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Basically, Hero Academy 2 is quite fun. You will have to have scientific and appropriate tactics from time to time in this game. High-speed battles, rules, best strategies are waiting for you to discover. To play this game, you will need an iOS or Android device and immediately download this game to your computer via the link below.

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