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NameHeavy Truck Simulator
Package Namecom.DynamicGames.HeavyTruckSimulator
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 4.1

You want to experience long-distance truck driving, but current truck games are still not enough, want to find something heavier, more hardcore? Then try Heavy Truck Simulator MOD APK.

Introduce about Heavy Truck Simulator

Realistic heavy truck driving game, have you tried it yet?

Why do many people love the feeling of driving a heavy truck?

A heavy truck is a vehicle that specializes in transporting and carrying heavy loads. Usually, heavy trucks have a tonnage of 9 tons or more. Because it specializes in transporting large volumes, so the engine and structure of the truck are very special to ensure the circulation and transport of goods on schedule and in the right volume.

Heavy Truck Simulator

The way to operate and control a truck is therefore much different from that of ordinary small trucks or cars. Heavy truck drivers are not only professional drivers but also extremely skilled at mastering the heaviest vehicle on the street. They know how to make the truck move in the right lane, in the right place, avoid obstacles, and overcome tricky turns. Especially, they have to maintain the correct speed and obey all traffic laws on the road (for heavy trucks only). So when it comes to outstanding driving skills, heavy truck drivers are number one.

Many people are curious about the feeling of driving such a heavy truck, it must have been very challenging. That’s why truck driving simulator games keep coming out. And the most exciting of them all is Heavy Truck Simulator.

What do you do in Heavy Truck Simulator?

Heavy Truck Simulator is simply a heavy truck driving simulation game. But to master a vehicle and carry out the task of delivering goods to the right place, at the right time, is something that not every player can do.

Your job in the game is to go to pre-specified locations, take and carry heavy loads that are sometimes really big. Then move on the road, to the destination, in the pre-specified time. The simulation time in the game for a shipment will vary from one to several days, just like the reality in large cross-provincial and cross-border shipments. But of course, the road in real life is much longer and wider than in the game.


In the game, like other driving games, you will be able to choose the type of truck and the color. Then when you pass many scenes, you will unlock more upgrades, buy more different trucks. So patiently play the first few scenes and the excitement will come later.

Heavy Truck Simulator has a modern truck control system with lots of buttons. But you don’t think it’s superfluous because when playing the game you will know it is all useful. The button to control the viewing mode with 8 camera angles, the truck control features such as turning left, right, accelerator, clutch, steering wheel, handbrake… Just try slowly to discover the use of each button, because it’s hard for me to list them all here.

Heavy Truck Simulator for Android

The missions in Heavy Truck Simulator change a lot. Still revolves around the packages but sometimes it is a large neat package, sometimes despite your surprise, it is a pile of wood or a package with an unusual shape. Just like in real life, driving for money, so any size still must be taken and delivered to the destination on time.

Note that when traveling on the road, you need to look carefully at the traffic signs. Because this game is a bit difficult, violating the road traffic law will be fined, the collision is even worse. And you need to accumulate money to upgrade your truck. Along the way, there are also interesting and highly practical areas such as rest stops, gas stations… You also need to keep track of the time and fuel clocks. Because the delivery is not on time, the money will be deducted. Our mission is still to deliver the goods.

The angle of view is flexible, the trucks and the street look realistic

Of course, to achieve the best visual effect, Heavy Truck Simulator used standard 3D graphics to simulate everything. The scene of a long, new yellow truck driving on a road full of yellow leaves, the shadow of leaves printed on the top of the car with the long road ahead is very beautiful. Romance is not suitable to describe this simulation game but it really makes a strong impression on me. This game makes me go from someone who doesn’t care about driving simulation games but has to sit for half a day to play and then write a few reviews to you guys. Then you know enough how enchanting it is.

And not only visuals, but another great ability of Heavy Truck Simulator is also in the perspective. They switch flexibly, and… well, generally pleasing to the eye and not at all uncomfortable. In the first perspective, you are sitting behind the wheel, clearly seeing how your hands move the steering wheel along each road. In the third perspective, you can see everything on your front and back and the side view when the truck is parked to wait for delivery/receipt. You can freely choose the viewing angle or let the game automatically switch. I always let the game switch on its own, it’s interesting and sometimes even more exciting than I chose.

Heavy Truck Simulator screenshot

The streets in Heavy Truck Simulator also bring a lot of excitement when simulating the times of day, morning, afternoon, sunset, dawn, rain, or shine. Can you somehow feel the hardships of long-distance drivers after playing this game?

The sound in Heavy Truck Simulator is very realistic. The sound of the engine start, the sound of the car running on the road, the sound of parking, the sound of engines colliding when meeting bumps on the road… It is quite different from a normal truck driving game that I played before. Everything is bulky, heavy and the sound is very loud. This point is very true to the reality of heavy trucks in real life.

MOD APK version of Heavy Truck Simulator

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

Download Heavy Truck Simulator MOD APK for Android

Heavy Truck Simulator is the most realistic heavy truck driving simulation game I have ever known. Amazing trucks, beautiful roads, super diverse views, and a lot of missions for you to play. Download it via the links below.

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