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After stressful working hours, light games for entertainment are always the first choice of many people instead of fast-paced games such as action, shooting. Currently, on the market, there are a lot of entertainment games, but farm games are still interested in people because it giving players a peaceful feeling. In this article, I will introduce you to Hay Day Pop APK, where players manage a miniature farm and participate in interesting puzzles.

Overview information

NameHay Day Pop
MOD FeaturesNo
RequiresAndroid 4.3

Introduce about Hay Day Pop

Surely you are no stranger to Hay Day (by Supercell), the farm game that causes a storm on the gaming market. This game gives Supercell a huge monthly revenue of 30 million USD. This is a farm game combined with puzzles. In this game, your task is to take care of the farm for your uncle. Developed on the basis of that plot, Hay Day Pop was released by Supercell as a continuation of the success of the previous legendary version. Although still developing on the existing ones of the previous version, this game also has many innovations and more attractive features to create its own unique attraction.


Coming to Hay Day Pop, you still play as a true farmer. Every day, you complete farm work to make a lot of money. When you first start playing, you will be given a small farm with a number of rudimentary buildings, fields and stables.

Naturally, when you are a farmer, you can’t say that you don’t know planting tree. This game providing some seeds of common crops such as barley, corn, radish, … Your job is to take care, fertilize, water until your crops fruiting. Then, you can harvest and sell them to make more money. In addition to farming, you can also expand to raising cows, pigs and poultry to harvest agricultural products such as eggs and milk.

Discover more on your farm

The farming or breeding activities will bring you not only money but also gain experience points. When upgraded, the system will unlock more items, plants and other extremely interesting features. Especially when you level up, you may be allowed to have a dog or cat (provided that you have to build a house for them). But in return, your pet can provide you with many experience points and some other benefits. I won’t mention it in detail, because you can explore it yourself to get more fun, right?

Use the money to buy more new plant varieties, expand land, upgrade warehouses and equipment for your work. In addition, the shops in Hay Day Pop also provide a lot of decorative items for players to freely decorate their farm become more impressive.

But also many challenges

Currently, Hay Day Pop also has thousands of match-3 puzzles which can challenge the intelligence of the player. Compared to the previous version, the number and quality of challenges have been significantly improved. Joining and completing these challenges will help players have more gold coins to buy equipment and plant seeds. Do not worry about this game will soon be “completed”. Supercell is constantly updating additional challenges in each new update.

Other features

Upon reaching a certain level, players will be granted the right to unlock the Roadise Shop (a feature also available in Hay Day). This is a small stall that allows you to sell items that you have and buyers are players around the world or friends when visiting your farm. Hay Day Pop has a more open play style, allowing players to connect with others to contribute to increased interaction. Visit your friends’ houses, trade, make friends with other players and compete for achievements on the ranking together.

In addition, while walking around other people’s farm, players can also find attractive random hidden rewards. Invite your friends to join Hay Day Pop, you also get an extra star or two.

Supercell pays more attention to seasonal activities. In the fall, there will be most activities such as fishing, festivals, circuses. Or even, you can participate in the task of harvesting honey with many interesting rewards.


Because it was developed on the foundation of Hay Day, Hay Day Pop has graphics quite similar to the old version. However, there are also many new items. Cute graphics with bright colors. Funny, lovely animals will make you feel more comfortable and happy.

The MOD version of Hay Day Pop

Coming soon.

Download Hay Day Pop APK for Android

Although it has just released, Hay Day Pop has received many positive feedbacks from both Hay Day loyal fans in particular and farm game lovers in general. What are you waiting for without downloading this game to experience right now?

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