Harry Potter: Wizards Unite APK 2.15.1

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Cover

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite APK is a free online role-playing game, inspired by the wizarding world, based on the augmented reality AR technology released by Niantic. Ready your wand, your witch’s adventure is waiting!

Overview information

NameHarry Potter: Wizards Unite
Version2.15.1 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesNo
RequiresAndroid 5.0

About Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

3 years ago, Pokemon GO APK has created a completely new trend of mobile games through augmented reality technology. And based on this AR technology itself, Niantic and WB Games San Francisco jointly developed their next game. The game was released for free on both iOS and Android platforms on June 21, 2019. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite was tested before in New Zealand and Australia more than 1 month before the official launch.

Wizarding world story

Basically, the game is inspired by the magical world of the Harry Potter novel written by British author J. K. Rowling. The story begins when a disaster strikes, causing the magic world to be turned upside down and causing magical items, mysterious creatures, witches … to appear in the Muggle world. You – as a member of the magic force, will have to work with other witches from all over the world to solve the problem and keep the magic safe from the Muggles.

Niantic has also confirmed that the story in Wizards Unite and the gameplay of the game will be designed to become a “forever game”. That means the game will continue to grow and improve, upgrade more like the way you play.

You – a real witch

What is remarkable about the gameplay, is that the game has an interesting change when placing players in the center of their own adventure. Rowling’s original stories take you into magic classes, magic wars, quests to collect magic items …

This gameplay will force you to pay attention to character stats, skills, and items. In addition, you will also have to keep an eye on the tracing and collecting items like the way you search for Pokemon through the map system in Pokemon Go.

Starting with level 6 is when you get to choose one of three careers, Auror (the god of light), Magizoologist (the study of magic animals) and the Professor. Each job has its own skills to upgrade, turn Harry Potter: Wizards Unite become more in-depth than Pokemon GO. Note that profession affects your playing progress.

Go out of your house and explore the world

Now is the time to go out and start exploring the world. You will start to walk out of the house and move between locations in the real world to find magic traces, find items to make medicine and useful items. Or activate the space gates to go to places that ordinary people don’t see.

Alternating with the discovery, collecting is the real magic battle. You will have to fight Death Eaters and Azkaban, sometimes rescue other characters in the game. And sometimes, you and other players can gather to fight Death Eaters in the Fortress.

In battles, you will need to use a variety of different spells to defeat magic, bringing them back to the wizarding world. At this point, the items you collect may be useful. Examples are Spell Energy, Portkey, Poseidon …

Familiar, but impressive design

In terms of design, this game takes the style of witchcraft beautifully and miraculously. There are many details used back from Pokemon Go like maps, menu … so, if you have ever played Pokemon GO, it will be easy to immediately recognize the layout of the game.

That’s not all. This game introduces you to the familiar faces of the Harry Potter series with many videos embedded in the game. The live sound system and voice actors make you feel the familiarity of the movie you have seen the day!

The most important part is the interactive map of Niantic. A magical world will appear right in your real world. The post office near the house is an inn, the monument on the street that you pass every day is a fortress. All places in the real world will turn into something amazing in the game that other normal people can’t see.

Download Harry Potter: Wizards Unite APK for Android

Basically, I think this game is a “must play” game if you are a Harry Potter fan, own phone and enjoy walking. The game is really good even though there are still some minor bugs. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite has a huge community of players, lots of interesting features and a lot of fun.

Unite Wizards is now open globally, you can download it via App Store or Google Play. If your country or device doesn’t support it, try Harry Potter: Wizards Unite APK!

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