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NameHappy Pet Story: Virtual Pet Game
Package Namecom.happylabs.hps
PublisherHappy Labs
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 4.0.3

Happy Pet Story: Virtual Pet Game MOD APK is a simulation game from the producer Happy Labs (Singapore), which can be seen as the mobile version of the famous SIM game on PC. The game includes a cute magical world where you can raise virtual pets and create your own space in your own style.

Introduce about Happy Pet Story: Virtual Pet Game

Happy Pet Story, an entertaining game for everyone

Anyone who likes a kind of social simulation game, loves pets, has unconditional love for animals, and likes meticulous tricks must definitely check out Happy Pet Story once in life. You can call it whatever you want, but for me, Happy Pet Story, I have seen half success without mentioning details because of creating a “city of happiness”. A place where there is only peace, relaxation, and love. Here, no matter what character you play, you can decorate your house by yourself, choose costumes, buy furniture, nurture and take care of pets.

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All around you are cute, lovely neighbors who love to chat and tease everyone. But if you accept playing together (called mini-games), the reward is also precious, maybe even an expensive furniture item that you are looking for.

With that quintessence, Happy Pet Store is obviously on the list of home entertainment simulation games worth playing in 2021.

What’s in the “happy world” in Happy Pet Store?

The first is about yourself, the player. We can transform into a lovely resident or a handsome, handsome tiger in the city. After all, they are all cute characters. The character you choose has so many options that it is dizzying because there are so many things you need choices: from the shirt, the pants, the shoes to the handbag. Choose which one you want (of course, you must have points to choose). After finishing dressing, taking a turn, from the figure to the character’s expression are very cute. I think that the graphics are beautiful, especially for kids and teenagers.

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Next up is the pet collection. One of your most important tasks in the Happy Pet Store is to raise and take care of a virtual pet you have previously selected from the game’s gallery. Raising a pet in real life is the same in the game. Naming, feed milk, feeding, sending kindergarten, buying clothes, going to a doctor, walking the park, playing, cleaning and bathing … In addition, the game also installs many mini-games. In the process of raising a pet, you will get rewards, mostly items to continue to take care of the pet better.

Decorate your dream home

The next part that I personally enjoy is the self-decoration of rooms, apartments, houses in general. Everyone knows this paragraph, every girl is very interested. The game also allows you to decorate a room with dream-like color tones. Furniture has to accumulate points to buy, but it’s okay because there are so many cool furniture in the neighborhood warehouse. Be patient to play mini-games. Every door can bring back a bunch of fine decorations. Upon completion, you will also receive an upgraded Before After animation, which is very eye-catching.

Happy Pet Story MOD by APKMODY 1440x810

The game circuit is basically no annoying errors, from small to large, roughly clean and tidy. Self-designed games like this often have a few small mistakes that are very inconvenient for players, such as clothes that cannot be picked up, the furniture can not be arranged according to their wishes … But Happy Pet Store does not. Apparently, the manufacturer has been very observant and careful in every detail.

There is a small but indispensable part: these are mini-games. From neighbors or when playing with pets, or while walking the streets and visiting the houses of friends and acquaintances, mini-games are everywhere. And what is the mini-games of Happy Pet Store is very diverse and attractive. Of course, not all games are fun enough for you to have your own enjoyment, but overall, you don’t feel uncomfortable playing.

And finally, the most prominent feature of Happy Pet Store is the ability to customize everything, including rooms, costumes, accessories, personal belongings, furniture. There are more than 200 clothes, each unique model, more than 300 pieces of furniture, and more than 200 different looks for your character. There are many neighbors. I just played a few scenes and saw more than 10 neighbors. The more you play, the wider the network and the more friends and acquaintances you have. At that time, walking on the street talking, you will meet a lot of friend.

What’s new in 2021?

The developer is very diligent in updating so fans of Happy Pet Store can rest assured, namely that in 2021, the latest version has the following new features:

  1. Furniture Shop, Fashion Store, Salon, Cafe … all have increased the number of items by + 10%.
  2. Add a health gauge (displayed when feeding pets)
  3. The music is smoother. It is no longer inconvenient to reach for clothes from above. The Home Point is also significantly reduced (Home Point is the player ranking of the game. At that time, the score must be very high to get to this list, but now the standard score is down)

MOD APK version of Happy Pet Story

MOD Feature

Unlimited Money

Download Happy Pet Story: Virtual Pet Game MOD APK for Android

In general, Happy Pet Store: Virtual Pet Game is a game for everyone, both young and old. Whether you want to play alone or with friends, everyone is happy and entertained. True to the meaning of the game, “world of happiness”.

Even more interesting is that Happy Pet Story is currently completely free on Android devices, allowing you to play offline if you like. You can also choose to play alone or in multiplayer mode. The game also has optimization for SamsungS6 / Note 4 / Tab and all large-screen devices.

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