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NameGunfire Reborn
Package Namecom.duoyihk.m2m1
PublisherDuoyi (Hong Kong) Interactive Entertainment
MOD FeaturesNo
RequiresAndroid 8.1
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Gunfire Reborn APK is a game that combines adventure, first-person shooter with Roguelike, and role-playing elements. Many forms are rhythmically mixed in a game to create dramatic shooting scenes.

Introduce about Gunfire Reborn

Roguelike FPS that combines adventure and role-playing in cartoon style!

Gunfire Reborn, which was released in 2021, is now available on mobile. The game belongs to the FPS genre and comes with elements of roguelike and the adventure role-playing form. In this return, along with many attractive elements in gameplay and graphic style, Gunfire Reborn really made a big splash.

Choose 1 out of 6 characters

The game is minimalist and very focused on the design, graphics, and gameplay. You just need to choose the character you like and then enter the battlefield to start your shooting adventure.

Gunfire Reborn gives you six animal character choices: Crown Prince, Ao Bai, Qing Yan, Lei Luo, Tao, and Qian Sui. Each hero has a unique appearance and skills. Their weapons and fighting styles are, therefore, also different. Choosing the character you like the best and following your usual fighting style will bring many advantages to the game.

Combat mechanics that you have seen for the first time

The fighting mechanics and development progress of the heroes in Gunfire Reborn also make a big difference from other shooters. You can identify the enemy’s weak point and when you hit that weak point, the enemy will take more damage than other points. The system of different elements and effects when attacking enemies will require you to think more carefully before making moves.

The game also offers a variety of Scroll mechanics. Characters can be buffed. Each time like that, you need to re-adjust your playstyle. For example, when you increase damage, it loses more blood per injury; or you can increase damage, but it only works when you stand still and shoot…

Gunfire Reborn also has the Ascension system. You can upgrade character skills with 18 different types. Each Ascension type will have three levels, but they appear randomly. You absolutely have no idea what you will receive or how strong a character you will become. Surprise after surprise is the key to the attraction of this game. 

Rich game modes

In addition to surprises from the above new mechanics, the game also has 2 game modes to suit many different shooting preferences. Play Solo or 4-player co-op, and each has its beauty. But the 4-player co-op mode is considered the “sexiest” mode of this game. Because there are many unexpected elements while each person has their own preferences and gameplay, when teaming up together, there will be countless unpredictable situations that make it difficult for you to leave this game.

Weird but inspiring graphics

Gunfire Reborn uses modern cartoon-style graphics. They are slightly rough with big, wide, angular lines, and the background is in many strong colors. Everything appears simple with less sophisticated details. It doesn’t look very eye-catching compared to today’s 3D shooters, but it creates excitement for players in a different way.

All the characters are inspired by many animals such as birds, rabbits, bears, cats… The childish-looking cartoon lines blend very well with these fun shapes. The battlefield is therefore not heavy with pressure, but on the contrary, it is happier and more exciting than ever when you can witness strange animals fighting each other.

Explosion effects and lighting effects in the character’s special bullet series also appear very impressive. It is not too bright and overwhelms the screen, but neat focused, and moderate.

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Gunfire Reborn is an exhilarating experience for any player. Whether you’re a serious or humorous person and whether you like the unexpected or the stereotypical, Gunfire Reborn has a place for you. Gaming must be fun, isn’t everyone pursuing this? 

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