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It is another great mobile game from the famous publisher BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment. This time it is the theme of the Robot arena called GUNDAM BREAKER MOBILE. Let’s see how amazing the game is.

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A fiery Gunpla Arena

Gundam is a world full of confusion

Is there any boy who has never been fascinated with Robots in childhood? I bet none. The feeling of excitement when tinkering with every detail, assembling many parts into one to create a series of different robot model variations is a pleasure that any brother, no matter how old, is fascinated with. If the conditions allow, he would have bought a big shelf at home to put many good Robots on. Bringing that passion into Anime or Manga is not enough, we also have many different robot-themed game variations. And GUNDAM BREAKER MOBILE is one of those that you cannot ignore.


GUNDAM BREAKER MOBILE is a 3D action fiction game adapted from Japanese Anime work. The name Gundam may be enough for you to imagine the entire context and characters in the game. All the warriors on our side and the enemy side are heavy fighting robots with stormy attack power. This game is also revolving around a familiar topic that is the fight to protect Earth’s peace.

Overall review about gameplay

The controls in GUNDAM BREAKER MOBILE will take some time to get used to. And once you get used to it, nothing can stop Gunpla anymore. This game is in a high-speed Hack & Slash style. With each equipment part of Gunpla, we will have an EX skill corresponding to the ability of that piece of equipment. So, in the process of assembling, if you choose the right, suitable, and well-optimized parts, you can create a great Gunpla that is both beautiful, strong and has the potential for future development.

Interestingly, after looting the enemy’s items, those items will be equipped on you. Gunpla will therefore be continuously enhanced after continuous victories.

What do we have in the game?

You will have a collection of powerful modern robots. Customization is always something highly valued in these game genres because this is the core of a robot hobby. In this game, you will customize the robot quite deeply, from detailed body parts to colors, sizes… Not stopping there, the game also has an additional customization feature with AI, allowing you to create your robot model according to your favorite cartoon character (called Gunpla). Having a standard robot is just the beginning. Choosing and changing the shape, the weapon for the robot is what makes you really fascinated. Take them into battles with other Gunplas in the Gunpla Battle mode, the excitement is doubled then.

First, let me talk in a little more detail about the process of creating Gunpla. This feature in GUNDAM BREAKER MOBILE is so powerful that you can collect, mix, and match detailed components to create your ultimate robot from among 25 Gundam cartoons’ characters. The goal is not merely to personalize Gunpla according to the gamer’s personality, but also to bring about the most powerful attack ability of the robot.

The second important element is the process of Collecting Robots. Through the battles, you will collect resources and points. Accumulate them to upgrade each part for the robot to make it stronger and have a better attack power, thereby winning more enemies in the future.

The third factor, equally important, is, of course, the fiery fights between the giant robots. The enemy is always some kind of super-powerful robot, trying to invade the Earth and destroy it all. And you will be the hero robot who is responsible for protecting the Earth from the terrible invasion. The battles in GUNDAM BREAKER MOBILE are not as simple as they are often seen between people but are terrible. In which, one move is enough to destroy a land, one shot is to break a whole building. Robots are all supergiant, moving heavily, and have sounds resounding throughout the city. Do you imagine the terror of the battle?

What will your Gunpla do in combat?

Gunplas, when finished, will be divided into different categories from the beginning. These divisions will determine the long-term development path. That means you decide your Robots to be in In-Fighter, Defender, or Support style… Depending on your strengths and fighting preferences, you will make reasonable choices for yourself. 

Gunpla can optionally choose weapons available in store. Reasonable use will bring a great advantage in the attacks. Or you can also give your Gunpla unique combat combos by combining both Melee and Ranged weapons. 

You can also work with other players to form a team to fight enemies in various missions in the game. Or you can fight alone in the big tournaments and rescue the High School Gunpla.

During combat, you can cast super powerful EX skills to kill the enemies in the blink of an eye. But be careful to limit the explosion phases to reduce the cooldown time and reload the EX skills faster. Otherwise, if you use too much of your power, the Gunpla will stand still for too long, so the enemy would take the opportunity to attack you.

It is such a super cool self-made robot fighting game in high-speed Hack & Slash style with eye-catching 3D graphics. The effects of light, explosions, and very powerful sounds are perfect enough to call it a superior robot game ever. It’s worth playing, guys.

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