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NameGrimms Notes
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Today I will review Grimms Notes of the publisher Square Enix. We are no stranger to this publisher. They are the father of famous RPG games around the world. Notable among them are Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omni and Final Fantasy Dimensions II. I am particularly impressed by the role-playing games of Square Enix because these games are always very attractive gameplay, I can play all day without boring. Along with that, the Japanese style graphics are also great, especially for the Anime fans like me.

Not only that, the game is also co-released by Flero Games. Produced by two big publishers, Grimms Notes is the game you can not miss. Let’s go down to the review to find out what’s interesting about this game.

A Fairytale

Grimms Notes story

It’s been a long time since Square Enix made a game with a fairy tale theme. In general, the plot of this game is not too complicated. Throughout the game, there are battles between warriors, elves, and monsters. Simple but does not mean easy. Many challenges and secrets await you on this dangerous journey.

Characters System

Grimms Notes characters 2

In the game, you must choose a character to accompany during the battle. In particular, you will find a series of characters associated with your childhoods in this game such as Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood, Romeo and Juliet, Alice in Wonderland … all are designed to Japanese style is very beautiful and cute.


Grimms Notes gameplay

Grimms Notes gameplay is similar to other RPG games. There are still battles with the quest system to open the game’s plot. You do not need to manipulate complex operations. Just choose the character to engage in the battle, then your character will automatically fight with the enemy. Notice the energy bar. When it full, you are allowed to activate special skills of your characters, cause great damage. Just a few touches and swipe of the screen is that you can master all Grimms Notes. However, I think that the control of the whole character manipulation by myself will be more interesting.

The unique feature of this game is the Soul system. This system allows you to select one of two characters to enter the battle. While fighting, you can swap flexibly to control one of the two characters. This creates special tactics to match each stage of the game. Thus, selecting characters and arranging characters also helps you capture the opponent and easily win the game.

Grimms Notes characters

Also, Grimms Notes has an advanced system of equipment and skills. Fighting, hunting Bosses will bring you a lot of equipment, gems. Use them to upgrade equipment, skills of the character. Maximize your power to become the strongest knight in this game.

Overall, this game has an action style combined with a bit of tactic. Through the battles, you will discover the unexpected in the world of Grimms Notes. Besides, the game has many other interesting features as well.

Japanese style graphics

Grimms Notes graphics

The 3D graphic of the game is quite beautiful and subtle. Shaping characters like Japanese Anime style. The character is also very beautiful, charming. Besides, the voice of the characters is cute, like most other Japanese games. The camera of Grimms Notes is designed horizontally, allowing you to enjoy the most comprehensive battle.

Why do I love Grimms Notes?

For me, this is really a great game. The game is great both in gameplay and graphics, plus the reputation from Square Enix and Flero Games publishers; I believe Grimms Notes will be one of the most successful games of the year.

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