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NameGRID Autosport
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Latest Version1.4.2rc8
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PlatformsAndroid 5.0
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Mentioning racing titles such as Asphalt, Need for Speed, Real Racing …it would be a shortcoming if not mention the other racing games. And the GRID Autosport is one of them, a game with a different color scheme, with super-powerful graphics and classic gameplay – the typical game of the racing genre.

Grid Autosport is a racing game developed by Codemasters, supporting Windows, Mac, PS4, and Xbox. Later, it was developed to bring the racing experience to the mobile platform, namely the game has launched the iOS version, Android version will be released late later this year.


Grid Autosport 1

In the GRID Autosport, you will be transformed into a racing car driver who began your racing career in Career mode. From easy to challenging levels, you will be challenged to challenge yourself in a speed race divided into over 100 different routes, speeding chases in the city, hard to believe, or sometimes the accident phase.

Also, the game will also include the familiar mode of play, in which each game mode will have its own attractions. In online mode, you can compete with other players in the world. In multiplayer mode, you can play with your friends to see who is the best. You can also join the competition in the tournament mode.

The in-game controls do not have anything to say, you just know it’s perfect and there’s nothing worth to write. The game also allows players to change many different views to be able to admire the beauty of this game.


Grid Autosport 3

Coming to the racing game, surely any player wants to unlock the most supercars. The cars in the GRID Autosport are quite diverse, divided into classes with different strengths. There are a number of prominent cars such as BTCC (Class C), Stock Car Brasil (Class A), V8 Supercars (Super Tourers), Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3 (Class B), Ford GT40 Mk I … GRID Autosport has 103 cars at the moment; this is also the second game in the Grid series without Toyota cars.


No matter what, GRID Autosport has graphics more beautiful than Asphalt, Need for Speed, Real Racing or any other racing game. This game is built on the most advanced 3D graphics platform, it also focuses on the design details, even the paint, shadows and other physical effects. During the game, I see after the collision, the car was scratched a bit, this makes the car in the game looks very real.

Grid Autosport 2

This game is designed to be extremely detailed, so not all devices can play. With a capacity of 4 GB for the mobile version, 18 GB for the PC version, so the game has far exceeded the titles of the same category. But if you play on a supported device, you will feel it is extremely smooth and smooth. You will feel like you are immersed in the vast race, you will also feel like playing on the console. It’s an experience that you have to try yourself.


GRID Autosport looks great and I must say it is the best racing game on Android / iOS. Calling in a mobile game, but GRID Autosport brings the experience as inferior to a game console. If you adjust the angle of the camera to the inside of the car, you will experience the feeling of being a true racer. In addition, racing at 160 mph and higher when you own the supercar, Grid: Autosport shows the power of the chip on iOS.


GRID Autosport is an essential game at the moment to show the real power of mobile devices, especially the iOS series. Currently, to play GRID Autosport, you need to have a device running iOS 11 or higher with 6 GB free space, adding DLC will require an additional 8 GB of free space. You can refer to the list of supported devices below:

GRID Autosport support os


If I can choose the game of the year for iOS, I will definitely choose GRID Autosport. You can spend the day racing with it, unlocking more than 100 cars available and even just to look at this amazing graphics. If you are looking for a game for your device and it supports GRID Autosport then you should choose this game.

GRID Autosport is available in the App Store for $ 9.99. In the future, it is possible that this game will have the GRID Autosport APK version for Android if they are fully configured. There is no reason not to spend money to buy this game, right.

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  • GRID Autosport for Android APK - v1.4.2rc8

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