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Great Conqueror: Rome APK + MOD (Unlimited Money) v2.5.0

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NameGreat Conqueror: Rome
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 4.4
Can play offline

Great Conqueror: Rome MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is an attractive strategy game of EasyTech publisher.

About Great Conqueror: Rome

The game simulates one of the most powerful empires in history – the Roman empire. You will be returned to the past, the most flourishing moment of the Rome empire. Become a talented commander, helping Rome conquer other countries and expand his territory. In the past, the Ottoman Empire defeated the Rome Empire in the Battle of Constantinople, thereby ending the flourishing era of one of the largest empires in history. You can rewrite the history of Rome in this game.


The context of the game is taken at a time when Rome is still a small territory. At this time, the Roman Empire was still at the beginning stage and had no strongest army. Meanwhile, the neighbouring countries are preparing to armed with the powerful army to be ready for the conquest. The failed nation will have to be enslaved and exploited all its resources, opening a dark history. As the head, you need to build a powerful kingdom. Prepare troops, develop the economy, build weapons, … You want to be a conqueror or a slave?

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People often refer to the power of Roman warriors. A strong and fearless army. Many stories were written to honour the warriors of the past. Rome needs the power of everyone. Gather the best, real-life figures in history like Caesar, Pompey, Antony, Octavian, and Spartacus. Write on a new history page in Great Conqueror: Rome.

Grow your empire

Great Conqueror: Rome is a strategy game for players who love history and military tactics. In this game, you are a commander of the Roman Empire. As an emperor, you are responsible for all the problems of a kingdom such as economy, food, defence and especially the military. Defend your realm from the invasion of neighbouring kingdoms, and conquer other nations to merge into your empire.

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This game has a turn-based style. You don’t need to do anything in battle. Everything is arranged in advance and you just need to see everything going on.

Simulate history through three modes

Through three modes including Campaign, Adventure and Conquest, Great Conqueror: Rome takes you on an adventure of history. Historical stories about the wars between Roman empires in the first century BC will be reproduced in the most honest way. The Campaign Mode regime recreates hundreds of battles since its inception until the Roman Empire unified many kingdoms in Europe. These are real battles in history. If you are a history lover, the game is your chance to check your knowledge.

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More specifically, you are the direct commander of wars such as the Rebellion of Spartacus, The Conquest of Gaul, Caesar’s Civil War, Antony’s Civil War, the Eastern Conquest. Becoming a part of Roman history is a great honour for any player.

In Conquer mode, you will participate in the battle with the ambition to unite other powerful empires in Europe. The Carthage Empire, the German people, the Gaul tribes are growing strongly. Without a good strategy, the Roman Empire would not be able to resist other empires. Not to mention, the eastern tribes also have very strong troops. You have the opportunity to participate in battles such as the Punic War of the Roman Republic, the Second Victory of Augustus.

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Besides, Adventure mode is where you participate in endless adventures across the European territory. Of course, other kingdoms don’t like that. When going through the lands of another empire, you will have to fight and win if you want to continue the adventure.

MOD APK version of Great Conqueror: Rome

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Medals


If you want to log in with your Facebook account and have problems, delete the Facebook app on your device and log in through the game. You can then download the Facebook app from the Play Store.

Download Great Conqueror: Rome MOD & APK for Android

When I was a boy, I heard many stories about the Roman empire and the great battles in history. Great Conqueror: Rome is a great game that can replicate most of those wars. With high-quality graphics, battles are simulated similar to reality. It helps us see the fierceness and the price of war. Glory is paid by blood and tears.

You can rewrite Roman history and participate in the timeless adventure through this game. Download Great Conqueror: Rome for free via the link below the article.

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  • bambang-hartono2910 avatar
    Comrade Doge

    There an 2.2.0 update

  • mvanpelt008 avatar
    Michael van Pelt

    Hello , isn’t it possible to login without Facebook, i don’t have it.

  • mehdi avatar
    DedSecWD MY


  • mehdi avatar
    DedSecWD MY

    Dear mody there’s a new update

  • mehdi avatar
    DedSecWD MY

    Dear Mody, Facebook login says the app is still in development mode so we cannot log in, please fix this I need to play this game so much

  • hustlecastlebd avatar

    Dear Mody, facebook login is not working from today.

  • vjgeonanga18 avatar
    Vaughn Johann Geonanga

    Hi. I uninstalled facebook app and when I try to log-in, a google window opens up and logs me in on facebook via browser. When I log-in, it says app in development mode. Please help

  • jherymeresuena122 avatar

    Hi, what facebook app should I remove, Messenger or Facebook app?

    • apkmody avatar
      Anh Pham

      Facebook, after login to the game, you can install FB again.

  • agawitra avatar
    Mr. J

    Hello, is it must to login for playing this game ?

  • anxhoelcraftgamer avatar
    Anxhoel Nallbani

    Hello,it requires me to login but it doesn’t allow me to login.

    • apkmody avatar
      Anh Pham

      Remove facebook app first

  • mdmunassirul2004 avatar

    Make war resources hack on it.
    And please update the boom beach mod.

  • rennanoliveira1 avatar
    Rennan Oliveira

    Needs update to 1.3

    • apkmody avatar
      Anh Pham


  • rennanoliveira1 avatar
    Rennan Oliveira

    Sorry to bother you but i still have the same problem with the latest mod file, i have a bunch of medals but i can’t use any of them, gold works fine however

  • swearslow avatar
    Luthfi Anshori

    Hi, the medals thing is not working, it’s true that I have 9999 medals, but I can’t purchase the general or item with medal? The gold things is fine though. Thanks!

    • apkmody avatar
      Anh Pham

      I’m working to fix that now!

  • zkko13901 avatar
    Zin Ko Ko Khant

    Medal hack don’t work and show minus 8……….. you should fix it

    • apkmody avatar
      Anh Pham

      Try to download the new file. Fixed!

  • alipathu avatar

    Hey moody there is a problem in the game…unlimited medals aren’t working. They aren’t showing nothing. You should fix them

    • apkmody avatar
      Anh Pham

      Fixed! Sorry for the problem you faced.

  • vvfjg2849 avatar
    fjg vv

    Great conqueror rome mod has a problem on my phone. I cannot connect Facebook and Google inside the game. You should fix this problem

    • apkmody avatar
      Anh Pham

      Only Facebook login is possible. Make sure to uninstall your Facebook app before doing Facebook login.

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