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NameGrand Stickman Auto V
Latest Version1.0.9
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PlatformsAndroid 4.1
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Imagine what would happen when Grand Theft Auto V combined with Stick Man?

Good news for the fans of this guy when the publisher Best Stickman Games officially release the fifth part of the game series named Grand Stickman Auto. Part 5 of the game brings a special breakthrough that you have not found in any Stick Man title game.

Yes, this time we will enjoy a great combination of a Stick Man game, and the game Grand Theft Auto V. Imagine the city we live in is full of people who are Stick Man? It will be very interesting. If you are looking for a unique, never-before-seen action game, then why would not you download Grand Stickman Auto V APK MOD on the device and experience it?


Grand Stickman Auto V

Grand Stickman Auto V owns today’s modern city landscape. You can feel that the whole city is living very peaceful, people walk peacefully. However, the reality is not so. The city is becoming increasingly chaotic because of the mafia powers, underground forces, hooligans and criminals sprouting up everywhere. They are very open to fighting for power. Not only that, but the fake police are also being bought by them. This makes the whole city live in fear, bewilderment. Will you be the destroyer of the forces, the criminals to protect the peace of the city? No. In this game, you are also a notorious criminal. Engage in underground activities to enhance your reputation, helping you climb high positions in the organization. Make your city a criminal kingdom.

Transformed into a crime

Grand Stickman Auto V 2

Entering Grand Stickman Auto V, you will be transformed into a criminal (who is actually a guy who sticks). About the game, you are probably too familiar with the game style street robbery. Like Gangstar New Orleans OpenWorld, the in-game continuum will be tasks such as robbing, killing, purging other criminals. You will be able to control the guy who drives the car, carry the moving weapon and complete the tasks that the game gives you.

Sure, the police department will not let you do what you want to do. They will hunt you, chase you every time you do something that catches the eye. I advise you to limit the release of guns to the police because each time you do, so you will be hunting. If you have five stars, then it seems that there is a death sentence in hand because there will be dozens, hundreds of police with a variety of weapons chasing you very harshly.

Easy control

Grand Stickman Auto V 3

Use the virtual key of the game to control your character. Grand Stickman Auto V‘s virtual key system is relatively familiar to those who regularly play other role-playing games. On the left of your screen will be the virtual key to move to the right and the keys will help you jump, shoot, punch or change weapons. Do not worry about using the gun when playing this game because Grand Stickman Auto V will assist the player to focus on possible targets on the screen automatically. Besides, minimap also helps you a lot in moving there. For those who have lost their way, using minimap is extremely important.

Weapons and equipment

Grand Stickman Auto V 4

As a crime-themed game, we definitely do not skip the weapon system. Grand Stickman Auto V possesses a huge arsenal of weapons, guns, shotguns, and more. Each weapon fits in completely different missions, requiring you to spend quite a bit of grey selective.

With the game of robbery city, one of the indispensable things is … walking the streets. Yes, I used to steal some cars and go sightseeing in the colourful city of the game. This is very interesting. Also, completing your quest will open a series of stories, helping you learn more hidden things in the city of crime.

Stickman style design familiar

In addition to the unique features of the gameplay, this game also owns 3D graphics extremely impressive. While creating people in simple stickman style, fun but all other scenes are published in the most beautiful way. The cars, tall buildings or the trees on the street look quite authentic. Combat effects, movement of the character is also extremely smooth, giving the perfect experience for players.


In a nutshell, Grand Stickman Auto V is a really fun game. You can not dismiss this game as evidence of over 1 million downloads on Google Play. Grand Stickman Auto V is free to download, via the links below (APK MOD Money is available).

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