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Having heard and been inspired by the stories of “coffee heroes” such as Highlands or Starbucks, have you ever dreamed of becoming a powerful boss of such coffee chains?  Grand Cafe Mania MOD APK will help you do that. Let’s play!

Table of contents
  1. Introduce about Grand Cafe Mania
    1. I also dreamed of opening a coffee shop, but it was very difficult 
    2. Grand Cafe Mania can satisfy your passion
    3. The core of the coffee shop business model
    4. When is the time to add a manager?
    5. Some other great things 
    6. Graphics and sound
  2. MOD APK version of Grand Cafe Mania
    1. MOD feature
    2. Note
  3. Download Grand Cafe Mania MOD APK for Android

Introduce about Grand Cafe Mania

Practice being the owner of a chain of cafes and restaurants!

I also dreamed of opening a coffee shop, but it was very difficult 

When I was a student, I dreamed of opening a cafe. You know, young people have not experienced life. I just found it beautiful and chill and thought that I only needed to open a coffee shop, decorated it beautifully, sold delicious drinks, and then sat there and enjoyed it and got the benefits. But, indeed, opening a coffee shop is not as easy as I thought (Except you were born at the finish line).

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Just open a cafe, you must choose the style for it between on-site and a take-out café. Then deal with the income and expenditure stream and taxes each month. Then consider how to hire employees effectively to maintain the profits. Then try to figure out how to attract customers because there are dozens and hundreds of different eye-catching cafes… There are more than 1001 things to worry about…

Realizing the difficulties but you still want to make it real? Easy! Play Grand Cafe Mania, a game about modern cafe chain management simulation.

Grand Cafe Mania can satisfy your passion

Grand Cafe Mania is a restaurant chain management simulation game with an attractive structure and form. In the game, you play as an enthusiastic young man, opening and operating a small cafe. In the beginning, you’ll be given a small space, some basic items to start a business, and only one diligent employee. You will start making the first cups of coffee then welcoming your first customer. The coffee is pretty good. You will receive money when each satisfied customer leaves the shop.

Having money, you start to buy other necessary items such as ingredients, new drinks to the menu, some basic pastries such as croissants, bread… In addition, you also consider investing in additional machinery and equipment for your coffee shop, such as smoothie makers, dishwashers, cash registers… Later, based on the customer amount and the money collected, you will need to improve some areas of the shop such as renovating the restroom, the beverage processing area, or build another floor?

The core of the coffee shop business model

No matter how busy you are, the core of the business is never forgotten: to bring satisfaction to every customer who comes here to drink coffee. Your coffee shop can make a profit and then expand or die, it all depends on customers. Appreciating each customer, providing fast, right, dedicated service, and nice decoration… all hold customers back and bring long-term profits to you.

Whether it’s one or more customers in the future, you need to ensure the right service time. If they wait too long or have any complaints, you will not receive money and even lose reputation points. Just like in real life, just stick to a scandal once, your reputation will be reduced quite a lot. So be careful with every detail during the operation of the café shop.

Grand Cafe Mania for Android 1440x810

In addition to diversifying products, expanding, and renovating more space, cleverly decorating to elevate your coffee shop, you also need to pay attention to the HR part. With a convenient and modern cafe model associated with food and drink services like this, the service attitude of the staff is very important. You should consider carefully when choosing an employee and get the balance between salary and profit of the shop. When your shop is stable enough and needs more employees, you hire more with specific job descriptions and roles. Avoid money waste when staff is a lot while the work is not to the point of overload. Be careful unless you will put yourself in a difficult position when the revenue is not enough to cover the costs.

When is the time to add a manager?

When things have gradually been stable. You start thinking about opening a new branch for the coffee shop. And to do this, you must invest a lot of money for a new location, all the machinery, equipment, infrastructure, and hiring new employees. Eventually, you will need to find a manager. Too much detailed work at the same time will challenge you because you must both maintain the current good operation of the original shop and open a new branch starting from zero. You can hardly maintain your good performance. So, it’s best to spend a small amount of money to find a professional manager. He will help you go back and forth between the two cafes and complete the assigned task well.

Some other great things 

In the meantime, you’ll save your mind for bigger, broader, and more strategic thinking such as: how much is enough, what should be done for the original shop, in which direction should the second and third shops be expanded, whether the franchise should be considered, whether the customer segment of each restaurant is changing overtime… To make the right decisions, you need a lot of time considering. There may be trial and error but keep the golden rule in the coffee chain business: Take things slowly, and customer satisfaction is paramount.

From an enthusiastic young man, through the development stages of the cafe (now a chain of coffee brands), you have also become a middle-aged uncle. You are still full of passion and enthusiasm for the profession. And the small dream in the past is even bigger now when you want to own a strong cafe chain empire in the future. The game thus continues without stopping.

Graphics and sound

Grand Cafe Mania has vivid images, cheerful and youthful colors. Its items are very small but still clearly shown in every detail. The character’s movements are also rhythmic and realistic, contributing to creating a constant excitement when playing for the players.

Grand Cafe Mania MOD by APKMODY 1440x810

The sound is also little, but it hits at the right time. It did well in creating fun moments, good enough to make you focus on the experience and bring some cool changes to the players.

MOD APK version of Grand Cafe Mania

MOD feature

Free Purchase


You can buy Diamonds by cash for free.

If you see your Diamonds not increase, please close the game and reopen it.

Download Grand Cafe Mania MOD APK for Android

Grand Cafe Mania will teach you how to own a successful cafe-restaurant chain. Of course, it’s shortened and not as hard as in real life. But when you play, you will get some good experience.

Let’s experience being the owner of a coffee shop chain here!

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