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Grand Alliance APK is available for free on our website. Download this RPG game and immerse yourself in a thrilling story.

Overview information

NameGrand Alliance
PublisherCrunchyroll Games
RequiresAndroid 4.4
MOD FeaturesNo

Introduce about Grand Alliance

Grand Alliance is considered as a monument of the RPG genre, with anime style. It is based on a kingdom’s struggle with tyrants and demons. Crunchyroll Games will inspire you and make you part of the story. Get ready for the fierce battle ahead.


The Grand Alliance begins with the overthrow of the Alliance kingdom. When the king died, the tyrant seized the opportunity and took the throne. He summoned all the soldiers, merged the demons into the kingdom, and expelled all those who did not follow him.

Princess Amelia Ravensburg is one of the unlucky ones. She is lost in a place full of danger. Summon the heroes to help her return home, defeat the tyrant and reclaim the throne.


Grand Alliance is a typical RPG game. You will experience the storyline according to the scenarios that the developer has created before. However, the gameplay of Grand Alliance is shown quite naturally, without feeling stereotyped or rigid in a certain direction.

Grand Alliance gameplay

When participating in the game, you will create a character to begin your journey to reclaim the throne for Princess Amelia Ravensburg. You can recruit other heroes and recruit them to your team. Although they have not been available since the beginning, by completing the quests assigned by the NPC, you can find them.

During the game, difficulties will constantly appear. Sometimes, it comes from the quest of the NPCs, or from the monsters out there. But in general, the game will continuously add elements so you can afford to win the battles.

In addition, Grand Alliance also has Auto Attack and Upspeed features. You can hang up the phone in this idle mode so that the character will automatically fight, gain experience points and some other items.


The Grand Alliance provides a detailed dashboard at the bottom of the screen. Each board contains information about the character’s HP, MP, and combat skills. You just need to touch the respective skill for him to perform the action.

Along with that, you will navigate the captain with the virtual D-pad key in the left corner of the screen. The other members will follow.

PvP Arena

In addition to the storyline experience, you can test your squad’s skills and strength when participating in PvP Arena. This is where real players can meet and compete with each other. For every win brought, players receive accumulated points along with exciting rewards.


The Grand Alliance has a diverse character system, allowing you to unlock them in the future.

Grand Alliance for android

The characters are designed according to classes. Classes follow the rules of the circle, and they have the ability to overpower each other. This gives the game a tactical element. Based on that, you can create a squad of three characters. If they are able to complement each other, you will gain more advantages on the battlefield.

Grand Alliance supports 5 positions for you to form your team. Positions one and two are unlocked from the first moment. The positions will then be unlocked when you reach the achievement required by the system. Of course, having more positions means you can switch between teams faster. The game also calculates the rating for each team, and this helps you get the best squad.


Graphics are a highlight of the Grand Alliance. It is developed on the Unity 3D platform, and has been optimized for a smooth experience.

Grand Alliance screenshot

Overall, the Grand Alliance has a mysterious color, along with heroic songs when the war takes place. The characters are designed with a classic direction, combined with a cute anime style.

Finally there is a series of carefully invested skill effects. Lightning, spells, magic and skills were shown forcefully. They contribute to increased drama, the scale of destruction and fierce when the character creates powerful combos.

Download Grand Alliance APK for Android

Grand Alliance has an interesting storyline, along with beautiful graphics. You will be transported into a world of chaos, where there are monsters and giant bosses. Sometimes, it seems your hero team has been engulfed in the wave of enemies, but with courage and powers, you can overcome to help Princess Amelia Ravensburg regain her capital all things belongs to her.

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