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By the end of 2017, the online game market in general and mobile games in particular not only marked the jump in sales, the number of players but also improve the game experience for better. Among them, third-person shooter games such as PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) or another similar mobile game, Glorious Mission (光荣 使命), have captured the hearts of many gamers. So what do you know about this special game called Glorious Mission? Let’s find out the interesting things below.

Table of contents
  1. Plot
  2. Gameplay
  3. Tactic
  4. Sound and graphics
  5. Personal feeling
  6. Pros – cons
  7. Download Glorious Mission APK for Android (Latest version)


Glorious Mission is remade based on the PUBG PC version, so gamers love the action genre, “find and kill” that won’t be too hard to catch up with the story when logging into the game. You will join 99 other players in a large map (8km x 8km) and fight with all types of melee weapons (knives, sticks, pans …), guns (shotguns, AK47 submachine, AWM sighting gun, Dragunov ..) to become the last player in the map.

Glorious Mission is like the mobile version of PUBG, so all the terrain and weather conditions are available for the game to increase the realism, high concentration of gamers in every situation. Even so, the Tencent game publisher has revised the specifications so players can play games.


Glorious Mission 1

For those of you who do not know, Glorious Mission starts with the fact that you will have to concentrate at a transit station with a hundred strangers. After that, all will be drop down to a predefined location on the map. At this point, you must quickly find the nearest weapon yourself to quickly destroy the opponent. Over time, the battlefield will gradually shrink, forcing the player to fight the last one to reach the highest rank in the game.


Glorious Mission 3

The good part of the survival game is that most of the early gamers have the same starting point, so tactics plus a little luck will help you achieve a unique position in each game. Glorious Mission gives you a highly customizable environment, intelligence, tactics that will help you finish your opponents without moving too much. Applying tactics “guerrilla” nasty, “attack devotee” even “entrenched” … all help you in this action title game.

Sound and graphics

As mentioned above, all the essentials from PUBG will be released by Tencent. The sound from bombs, guns, car engines is approaching and even the footsteps are doing pretty well.

Glorious Mission 2

Graphics section is well-researched by Tencent, from the holes in the wall to the firearms, the items in the house to the enormous arsenal of gunshots, are graphically engineered to detail. In addition, elements such as weather (rain, sunshine, wind …) and terrain (under water, hills, cliffs …) will also make the gamer fascinated.

Personal feeling

The announcement was made in November 2017, but the fans of the game in China were phenomenal when there were up to 40 million subscribers. So if you do not mind, the Glorious Mission Mobile appears to be a magnet that attracts enormous gamers. Not to mention the usability, but the graphics, sound, and gameplay make me feel this will be the most successful and desirable products in the last days of 2017.

If you can play with your friends, Glorious Mission Mobile is also a good place to put your comrades together.

Pros – cons

There are no real mobile games in real time make me enjoy like Glorious Mission, so I’m going to start the game from scratch.


  • The plot of the game will bring the psychology for you from suspense, anxiety to surprise, happy with the feeling of like a boss.
  • The sound, graphics of Glorious Mission Mobile is top notch so it will not disappoint you.


  • Smartphone configuration is high, average capacity, large battery consumption.
  • Since the server is located in China, the connection is quite difficult at this time.

Currently, Glorious Mission Mobile is available for both Android and iOS platforms, which you can download via the App Store or download the Glorious Mission APK directly from the link below.

Download Glorious Mission APK for Android (Latest version)

Glorious Mission for iOS App Store
Glorious Mission for Android v1.0.28 APK

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  • mdshafiqueamin78 avatar

    Glorious Mission in not support in my Samsung j2.. 1gb ram…plz help me how can I solve this problem?

    • apkmody avatar
      Anh Pham

      Buy a new phone.

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