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NameGangs Town Story
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Explore the underworld in Gangs Town Story MOD APK, an action game with an engaging and exciting storyline. Download the game via the links below the article.

Introduce about Gangs Town Story

Undeniably, GTA is one of the best action open-world games of all time. It provides players with an open environment, where every rule and rule can break. At that time, there were many games clone the gameplay and that design also won some success. Gangs Town Story is one of them.


The story of Gangs Town Story revolves around a black guy. He and his family live in a slum in Big City. And this place is known to be one of the most active locations of crime.

During a fight against racism, the boy’s family was accidentally swept into and become victimized. The boy grew up in solitude, lacking in love. He seeks revenge for his family.

Become whoever you want

You will become the main character in Gangs Town Story. He just wants to take revenge on those who took his family, and you can help him do it.

Gangs Town Story gameplay

The fact that Big City is a city without laws. Even though the government and the police are always there, they don’t deal with the problems people are having. You can be the justice of Big City, help the girl being bullied by the other gangsters, or eliminate the black transactions of the underground gangs.

If you don’t want to do that, you can aim for a higher and more violent goal, which is to become the mafia leader of all the gangs in the city. This is not a bad idea, but it is very risky. The mafia will always follow you. They can strike unexpectedly. If you can afford it, you really have the qualities of a leader.

Auto Theft Gangsters is also an exciting open world game that you shouldn’t miss out on!

Always be careful

The bigger the dream, the more difficult it is. The journey to becoming the biggest mafia boss in Big City is very long. Not only do you have to deal with gangsters, but the police will also be watching and overpowering you.

Gangs Town Story mod apk

In the top left corner, you can see your crime level. It is represented by four stars. Level one shows that you are being warned. From level three upwards, you may be wanted and run the risk of facing a large military force, even helicopters.

One tip to reducing crime is staying out of crowds and fighting with normal people. You can fight with thugs under the pedestrian underground, or under the deserted subway station. That will not affect everyone around.


Gangs Town Story has a series of weapons to help you fight gangs and thugs. First of all, it is necessary to mention the gun system. You can visit the store, which sells most weapons, from pistols, rifles, automatic and semi-automatic machine guns, to heavy weapons like mortars, bombs, saws. machine, flamethrower …. Of course, heavier weapons will cause a larger-scale war, and you will face more serious crime levels. But once you determine that you no longer want to operate under someone’s control, you can unleash devastating and destroying the bad guys.

Gangs Town Story for android

In addition, you can also try the destruction of the only tank in the game. Driving a tank around the city, bombarding police stations and criminal gang facilities is really fun.

Stealing super cars on the street

In the process of fighting, sometimes you can also be lost because the enemy’s forces are too numerous. At that time, you should look for a certain car on the side of the road, even rob them from people to escape. The enemies, even the police will urgently chase. And you are participating in a death race in Big City.

I quite like this. Whenever I get bored, I often rob a Lamborghini down the street, then move around the city and cause a series of accidents. Although the consequences were quite large, the crime level increased to a maximum, causing the police to constantly chase. But it really brings a lot of fun.

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At first glance, you can easily think Gangs Town Story is a copy version of GTA. But in fact, it is not the truth. This game has a separate storyline, with many features such as a mission system, weapons and upgrades. You have more new experiences with an unique and in-depth storyline of the game.

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