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Gangpire: Fire & Fury APK + MOD (God Mode, Damage/Defense) v1.5.1

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NameGangpire: Fire & Fury
Package Nameleyi.gangpire
PublisherJoystix Limited
MOD FeaturesGod Mode, Damage/Defense
RequiresAndroid 4.4

Gangpire: Fire & Fury MOD APK is not just a simple street-themed action game. This is a card strategy game in the context of the competition for the territory of the gangs. This rather strange combination will take you to a very different underworld experience.

Introduce about Gangpire: Fire & Fury

Start your journey and be a legendary Gang Boss of resourcefulness and leadership!


Gangpire: Fire & Fury revolves around the activities in a modern city controlled by the Skeletons criminal gang. They do not afraid to use any tricks to expand the size of the clique, tighten the oppression, plunder the people, and spread evil everywhere.

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Your road to becoming the Gang Boss of the city is full of thorns. You must use your strategies to grow as quickly as possible and recruit talented warriors of all shapes, and personalities. The game in Gangpire: Fire & Fury is not only a big fight but also strategy, resourcefulness, determination, and leadership personality.

Gangpire: Fire & Fury has many activities for players to show off as a Gypsy: anti-government missions, coups, prison escapes, police station attacks, all sorts of gangster crimes. To hold the winning card in these violent activities, you must have a plan to recruit Street Heroes and train, utilize and combine the abilities of each object under your command to flaunt your prestige and in turn the fight to occupy important areas, expand your influence to become the city’s Gang Boss.

At the same time with card tactics, players still have countless gun battles, fistfights full of bloody violence. There is also the construction part, activities with true gypsy nature such as pimps, tax collection of the areas. The Gang Boss is also responsible for building important works, helping to bring great profits and a sustainable economy for the gang.

Each Street Heroes has a different combat skill. Looking at the strengths and weaknesses of each one objectively, you will have the right human strategy to overcome every mission and challenge the plot presents.

Gangpire Fire Fury for Android 1440x810

Speaking of missions, once again I have to praise the diversity in Gangpire: Fire & Fury. Although the control operation is quick and concise, it is easy to get used to, but with a rich series of missions, spanning many forms, the theme has helped Gangpire: Fire & Fury become an attractive combat strategy game. With the enemy from the Skeletons gang, you will have to fight, regain the area, rob weapons, rob resources, destroy the scouts and their henchmen… With the government, you also have to suppress, create pressure and do many other things to gain prestige, power, and control.

Gangpire: Fire & Fury also has a Clan mode. You have the opportunity to meet and learn from other players around the world, join hands to develop the Clan and gain control of the show even more in the important events the game offers.

Thrilling battle and shooting scenes

An indispensable part of the game is the shooting scenes, hand-to-hand combat between gang members. The third perspective is wide open to help you recruit Street Heroes, control the battle easily. Although the core is a general card game, the gunfight scenes in Gangpire: Fire & Fury will make you forget you are playing a strategy game, but think you are lost in the action movie.

Although there are not too many effects and fiery gunfights like GTA, but with a fierce, clear, sharp fighting style, Gangpire: Fire & Fury probably won’t make action game fans disappointed.

Well-groomed graphics

The city full of crime in Gangpire: Fire & Fury is built quite detailed and diverse. Depending on the task given, the player will be able to admire the city in different ways. When fighting, with the third-person perspective, you can observe the city in the form of a map to locate the area.

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The main characters (and supporting characters) are quite personable and playable. Each Street Heroes has a unique ability, appearance, clothing style, and combat skills. Just observing the conversations and going deep and learning, training each, watching their combat stats increase is also a great joy for players.

MOD APK version of Gangpire: Fire & Fury

MOD features

  • Increase Damage
  • Increase Defense
  • God Mode

Download Gangpire: Fire & Fury APK & MOD for Android

In short, Gangpire: Fire & Fury is an attractive gangster theme 3D game, built on a card game platform, building and fighting. This game will be an exciting experience that any player should try.

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