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NameGame of Warriors
Package Namecom.strategygame.gameofwarriors
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Coins
RequiresAndroid 4.1

Game of Warriors MOD APK is a tower defense strategy game on mobile, but its close-up and detail will make your game much more exciting than traditionally thought, not to mention serious tactics that help this game has their own difference.

Introduce about Game of Warriors

Command your gladiators into an eternal battle of glory in the clash of warriors!

Game of Warriors, like other tower defense games, revolves around the main task of Defending the kingdom, Blocking enemy attacks, Strengthening troops, training recruits, upgrading armies, strengthening weapons. Even when you are strong enough, you can invade another country’s territory.


In the tower defense battles of the Game of Warriors, you’ll start with a normal army with basic combat abilities. When the enemy comes, you will proceed to block and destroy the enemy squad to gain points. Those points will be accumulated to summon heroes with more special skills and support existing minions.

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Along with summoning these powerful new heroes, you must constantly enrich the armies of the kingdom. Use the money you get to equip new weapons, buy more horses for soldiers, recruit recruits, set up training camps for soldiers. By doing all these things, you will help increase the strength, number, and defense of your soldiers, the ability to defeat the enemy will also be higher.

The tactical of Game of Warriors is reflected in the fact that you have not one, but many ways to control your troops: deploying troops in different directions, taking on small enemy groups, and guerrilla fighting with the largest army of them, combine super-strong generals and heroes with a large army to destroy the enemy or combine with the weakest army to increase the overall strength. Which way to choose depends on the strategy and playstyle of each player.

When the force is strong enough, prestige and military potential are large enough, you can repel all the steps of enemies. This is the time to think about invading other territories to expand the kingdom. At this time, you have to think should change the strategy or not, how to attack the enemy territories… Let your tactical mind will lead to new successes in the Game of Warriors.

Impressive details

In Game of Warriors, there are more than 1500 waves of defense from normal to fierce, hurricanes. There are more than 4 heroes to unlock. Each hero has 15 passive skills and 3 active skills, which will be an effective arm for your army strength later. As for soldiers, you will have more than 30 groups of soldiers to upgrade, strengthen and supplement, the defense towers also have more than 1000 different upgrades to ensure your long battle.

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The map has over 100 territories to conquer and take back from the devil. Species to defeat include Goblins, Skeletons, Worgens, and Orcs. Resisting all and take all is the ultimate goal of Game of Warriors players.

Graphics and sound

Game of Warriors uses fun, witty 2D graphics. The characters are quite majestic with weapons, armor, shields… but they are all chubby and funny. The beginning of the game gave players a feeling of closeness, friendliness, not as heavy as many other defense strategy games.

With such graphics, it is understandable that anyone can access and want to play Game of Warriors. However, that does not mean that the game is less dramatic. Game of Warriors regains this balance thanks to the engaging melee scenes. The games of the same genre I’ve played often dodge zoom close scenes, partly because the graphics are not detailed enough, partly because they are afraid of affecting the battle circuit.

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But Game of Warriors isn’t afraid to try new things. You can see the whole large map of the kingdom, with the enemy’s attack directions. At the same time, in each battle to defend the castle, you can observe the whole situation of the war in the areas, as well as the clear melee displays of each small group of troops. With such a multi-faceted description, the defense battle is much more attractive and soulful. The feeling of immersing in the role of leading the player’s army is also stronger.

The sound is somewhat lame compared to the graphics. But it is enough to depict the tense battlefield but not too suffocating in Game of Warriors.

MOD APK version of Game of Warriors

MOD feature

Unlimited Coins


Increase when you spend.

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“Rise to end the black empire”, is the heroic message that Game of Warriors brings. Take back the lands that were previously occupied, own your territory and be independent that no one can invade, this is what you will do in this fascinating game.

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