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NameGalaxy on Fire 2
Package Namenet.fishlabs.gof2hdallandroid2012
PublisherDeep Silver
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 4.1

Galaxy on Fire 2 MOD APK is a mobile game work of publisher Deep Silver. This space-themed air battle game will make sci-fi fans restless because of its attractiveness and beauty.

Introduce about Galaxy on Fire 2

The best open-world sci-fi action game you must play!

As captivating as sci-fi novels and movies are space combat games on different platforms. But on mobile, there are quite a few games of this type. Partly because technical requirements require complexity in the development process. The manufacturer is also afraid that the mobile phone can’t show all the uniqueness of the game. There is a game that has cleared this doubt, proving to everyone that the space battle game on mobile is also extremely worth playing and worth the investment.

It’s Galaxy on Fire 2.


Not every space war game has to fly and destroy the spaceship and everything. Galaxy on Fire 2 also delivers a story, as deep as a fantasy novel. The main character of the game is Keith Maxwell. This mercenary, after an accidental accident on a spaceship, was thrust into another dimension and time in a state of hibernation. Thirty-five years later, when Keith Maxwell woke up, he saw before his eyes a completely different galaxy. Now a strange race has virtually ruled the galaxy with their monstrous wormhole technology. Taking advantage of the wormhole has also caused an energy imbalance for the entire galaxy, putting space in a very dangerous situation. You have the task of eradicating this danger to return the inherent balance to the galaxy.

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At this point, have you envisioned the vastness and huge space in Galaxy on Fire 2? The story does not stop at a planet or a few small areas in the galaxy, it has happened in the whole universe. A vast galaxy with more than 20 solar system planets, more than 100 advanced space stations, all exquisitely rendered in 3D and throughout is a dramatic story.

That attractive and deep story with a spectacular furniture exchange system and a series of dense quest boards with massive upgrades to spaceships and equipment promise will bring you a very exciting experience.


Now it’s time for gameplay. There’s a lot of interesting things in Galaxy on Fire 2. So here I just choose a few points that I find interesting to tell you.

When start playing the game, you can choose a spaceship as your possession, out of 30 huge spaceships. Then, choose your own weapons and equipment to prepare to go on a mission. Galaxy on Fire 2 is full of side quests (minigames), which are difficult to play and all serve here and there for the main mission. For example, you have to land a spaceship on a small meteorite, then must exploit resources to make special equipment for the ship or have to buy and sell items.

The result is that after a few missions, you will have in your hands your own powerful spaceship. unique weapons, fleet systems, and the ability to control the small details in it will help you cope with any powerful enemy.

A battleship is easy to imagine. But what I want to say here is the control mechanism of the spaceship in the role of the main character. It’s so real that will make everyone has goosebumps. In front is a large, dark space. You have to strain your eyes to track the target, which is usually quite far away. Then you have to constantly maintain your position because the spacecraft will shake whenever entering unstable environments. Galaxy on Fire 2’s ability to reproduce space and simulate physics is very excellent. The extraordinary control in the Galaxy on Fire 2 is admittedly not easy, but once you understand the general principles, you will feel very great.

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Besides the super-fiction space and the intense battle scenes in space, on a smaller scale, the role-playing character in Galaxy on Fire 2 is also very good. As the story progresses, the main character will receive many different large and small quests. Each completion will collect the bonus. When you have enough money, you can buy new weapons, equip advanced defense technology for spaceships to deal with enemies later.

Freely fly through the galaxy

As I told you at the beginning, a strange race with the ambition to dominate the galaxy will be the main target of the heroic warrior. Besides, many other alien races have the same goal. If you want to take over the wormhole technology, so they are also your enemies. In short, in different regions of the galaxy, on different planets, you will have different enemies.

Also, thanks to this array of enemies of all kinds, sizes, and styles, your character can roam all over the galaxy. Then in each battle, with tons of weapon options and unlimited upgrade systems, you can create any battle strategy yourself, depending on the situation and ability at each moment. That’s the interesting thing about this game that the manufacturer talked about Galaxy on Fire 2 from the very beginning of the game’s launch.

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If the context makes you feel enjoying, then the character creation and battleship designs in Galaxy on Fire 2 will make you extremely exciting. The intense chase between spaceships in this game will make you feel like watching a real space war fantasy movie.

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Unlimited Money

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Besides an amazing and deep story, with cutting-edge 3D graphics and an unprecedented depth of gameplay, Galaxy on Fire 2 is very worth being the best sci-fi action game. Let’s download and play this game right away!

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