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NameFunky Bay
Package Namecom.belkatechnologies.fe
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 6.0

Funky Bay MOD APK is a simulation game from the publisher BELKA GAMES. In this game, you become a real farmer and will cultivate plants one by one until the day the paradise farm opens in front of your eyes.

Introduce about Funky Bay

A beautiful dream of “Leaving the city to the garden”

Dreaming of the garden

I have a few friends who desire to embrace their own green farm for a long time, but the land is still there, and they are still hustling with their life in the city. When Covid-19 arrives, many of their plans in the big city become unfinished but their childhood dream had the opportunity to be relived. They choose to leave the city, back to their garden to build everything from zero.

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And it is, in fact, not only a dream of my friends’ dream but also of a lot of people, especially nowadays.

Those friends made me wonder but could not understand the interest of the insider until when this game was introduced to me. The game may differ a lot from real life, but only a few good things from the game make me partly understand the feelings of those people who bravely choose a separate path when leaving the city to the garden.

Funky Bay has come to me like that, casually and curiously.

For those who want to make their own farm

In the game, I play the role of a real farmer, living on a joyful and vibrant tropical island. My main job is to build a farm of my own and give a new face to the whole town from my work.

Talking about playing mobile games, I would not be better than anyone, but I have quite a lot of experience, especially with the favorite simulation game genre. There are many types of simulation such as novel style, dialogue style, communication-vi-phone style and also text message… but the most classic one must be the form of building, developing and managing a certain model. Funky Bay is an example of such style.

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On this beautiful island, there are so many things to do, learn, discover, and explore. However, at first, I recommend that you take a tour to learn briefly about the animals, plants and landscapes awaiting you when entering the game. This stage was, as my friend recounted, a “local survey”.

Farmers are never idle, they are the busiest people on the planet

You should get to work right away, although there is no time limit in the game, but the faster you work, the closer the path to a green perspective is. The game itself always poses small alternating challenges to push the player to maximum movement. You will not leisurely roam around but have to work with your superhuman strength. Duties are in turn set out: planting, fertilizing and irrigation, taking care of animals, harvesting crops, working with the agro-product treatment system at the factory, figuring out how to sell, developing trade, finding transportation, and sourcing customers for a wide range of homegrown agricultural products.

Don’t forget the ultimate goal. It is not just a small farm but also a really large-scale one, city development, and farm system throughout this tropical island.

To achieve that goal, you need to urgently collect materials, supplies and money to do each one.

Here is a list of 1001 things to do and keep an eye on, especially in the early part of the farming process:

  1. You should choose a good location for your farm satisfying the factors of land, water, and sunlight and located on major roads for your future trade’s convenience.
  2. You have a lot of customizations to “shape the roof” of your farm such as houses, warehouses, decorations. But do not spend too much on them. Let’s start with the most basic and radical thing with a simple goal: the farm is to grow, farm and harvest. Other cumbersome things will be counted on later once the first step is successful.
  3. Harvesting agricultural products: It should be done regularly. You need to watch the time and harvest as soon as you can. This is a source of money accumulated to create other valuable items.
  4. Raising different animals on your farm will also be a great source of your income. And you need to classify, zoning them out separately for easy management later.
  5. Post-harvest treatment at the factory step is extremely important. If agricultural and livestock products bring you a part of profit, then with a few simple processing steps at the factory (also on the farm) only, you can increase your profit up to 5-6 times. For example, from whole raw milk and flour, we can make added dairy products such as cheese/ butter/ cookies …
  6. You will live as a pure farmer, but do not forget to find your own inspiration and accumulated rare ingredients by becoming a cute adventurer. Sailing around or walking somewhere around the island, you will find unexpected treasures and resources. They are all essential for your work in the future. Each trip may take some time, but the results are well worth it.
  7. Do not ignore any conversation with locals. In their story, they can reveal many valuable information about the treasures around the island.

Graphics and background music in the game

Entering the world of Funky Bay, the soothing melodious music played will make you forget your fatigue. Is that the feeling of someone who dares to leave everything to return to nature?

Funky Bay also fascinated me from the very first minutes because of the very detailed 3D graphics. Each of those figure, landscape, plant and animal is clearly shaped, vividly and meticulously. In all game art styles, I especially like this realistic cartoon style, which is not too American, not too anime, not childlike like chibi. All are just moderate, the colors are cheerful and the player is always in an excited mood.

Funky Bay MOD by APKMODY 1440x810

The scenery in Funky Bay will also be something you will remember forever. The scene of boats drifting on the river, traveling to explore the island, the fresh rivers, the green mountains. Everything envelops you with the pristine, pure look but promises a full development potential of this place. My friend, who chose to return to the garden, also sent me pictures of hope like this. Is it called “Clement weather, favourable terrain and concord among the people”?

MOD APK version of Funky Bay

MOD feature

Unlimited Money


Buy diamonds by real money for free.

Download Funky Bay APK & MOD for Android

If you still cannot leave the city to the garden, let’s join me to play Funky Bay to nurture your dream and wait until one day… Download Funky Bay and play here.

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