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Fun Hospital APK – Until now, the simulation games to build a city or a dream farm always brings a great feeling to those who join it. Building your own empire is an interesting experience that everyone wants to try even once. In the past, there were many publishers who achieved great success by developing these simulation games. We can mention Supercell with Hay Day or the amazing dragon raising game Dragon City of Social Point.

About Fun Hospital

So have you ever thought about building a dream hospital? Today I will introduce to you a very interesting game of developer OrangeGames, Fun Hospital. This is a hospital simulation game in which you will be a member of the general manager who is responsible for hospital operation. Launched in mid-2018, up to the present time this game has more than 1 million downloads on Google Play.

Build and organize hospitals in your own way

Fun Hospital is set up in the model of a general hospital. That means there are many clinics with many different functions. As the manager, you need to make a very precise decision about choosing to build the most important departments at the essential location of the hospital. The more clinics near the center of the city will attract more and more people to seek medical treatment. Besides, players must carefully consider when to build more clinics based on patients’ needs or you will be subject to unexpected risks.

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In addition to focusing on building facilities, you will also need to invest in people here. The team of doctors, nurses, nurses is paramount at any hospital and Fun Hospital is no exception. Each clinic will require specialist therapists and certain nurses to assist. Doctors with their own expertise will be brought to work in different rooms, ensuring they are able to perform the work in the best environment. You can hire manpower from the Store. And even, you can hire Dr.Strange.

In the process of developing the hospital, remember to upgrade the facilities and equip and train the medical doctors up to a high level of expertise to help the hospital and can cure many patients.

Strange patients with strange diseases

It can be said that Fun Hospital is like the healing place of all the animated characters. Every day, there are hundreds of patients with unique appearance going everywhere in your hospital. For example, a zombie who loses his eyes in Plants and Zombies or Marvel superheroes. Each patient’s appearance will also be changed before and after treatment, you can see how happy they are.

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Not only strange patients but the diseases they bring here are very rich and strange. In addition to the common diseases such as colds, high fever, the hospital will also receive interesting emergencies such as knives in the head or infected by the zombie virus. However, patients with difficult diseases will not come if you do not have an effective treatment. Upgrade modern technologies to unlock new diseases.

Another important thing is the team of doctors and physicians, facilities will affect the attitude of patients. This means that the steps in your strategy and way of thinking will indirectly determine the results of treating patients. Think carefully before making any decisions!

Play with your friends

Fun Hospital allows players to connect to social networking accounts like Facebook. Thanks to that, you can invite friends to join the game and get lots of attractive gifts together.

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Besides, many players can pair together into a group that participates in the Medical Tournament on each occasion of the week. The group with high results will be named in the top rankings and be rewarded with many valuable items.


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Fun Hospital has an eye-catching 8-bit graphics platform. Patients with many different shapes but all are very lovely and fun, along with the modern and sophisticated buildings. No need for monumental 3D graphics, the game also impressed with the simplicity, familiarity but unique in the way of playing and images.

Download Fun Hospital APK for Android

Overall, Fun Hospital is a relatively interesting city simulator game. If you want to personally manage and build a hospital, this is a great choice. Join this game today, lots of people are in need of your help!

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