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Package Namevalhalla.survival.craft.z
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After the success of Grim Soul, Kefir! continued perform Frostborn APK and after a long wait, the game was officially launched in May 2019. This is good news for players who love survival games like me. For a long time, we have a survival game worth waiting for.

About Frostborn

Myths story

If you’ve ever seen the movie Thor: Ragnarok, you’ll feel familiar with the game’s stories. Frostborn is set in Ingart – a land of Northern Europe, the land of myths and Viking warriors. It used to be a beautiful landscape before being destroyed by monsters.

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Everything begins when Hela, the daughter of King Odin, is freed after thousands of years imprisoned under Helheim. In retaliation her father, she opened the gate of the underworld and caused a rift between the two worlds of gods and people. Thanks to that, the monsters were released and attacked the human world. The living Viking warriors gathered to fight the monsters, return them to hell and ward off evil from Ingard. The best warriors will be honored by Thor and Odin.

Fight for survival

You are a Viking warrior. Waking up in the context of the whole kingdom being ravaged by zombies and legendary monsters, you need to find ways to fight and protect innocent people. But first, you need to keep your life.

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Your first enemy is hunger. No clothes, no weapons, friends, and relatives. Look for things you need to keep you alive. From food and water to things like knives, axes, … Frostborn’s environment is very harsh with low temperatures, so you need to make clothes from the trunk or skin of animals. Watch your health meter and make sure your character is always in the best state. If your health index is too low, you can die at any time.

Weapons and armor are indispensable for a warrior. You can create powerful weapons to fight monsters and carnivores. After having your weapons, don’t forget to upgrade them when you have enough required material.

In particular, when playing this game, you can do whatever you want. The open world in the game has many mysteries waiting for you to discover.

4 players co-op mode

The life of a Viking warrior will be very boring without the war. On your journey, you will have to confront dangerous monsters or a swarm of zombies. Fortunately, there are many other online players who have the same journey with you. You can assemble a team with up to 4 members in each battle, fighting the zombies and defending the kingdom.

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We can find true friends on the battlefield. But be careful. Not all players are good. Maybe they want to attack you to steal the resources you have.

Beautiful ancient Scandinavian scenery

When playing this game, you will have the best visual experience. In my opinion, Frostborn’s graphics are better than Last Day On Earth – one of the top mobile survival games. Ancient Scandinavian vistas show up beautifully like an epic fantasy movie. It’s even more beautiful than I imagined when reading myths.

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From characters, snow, trees, … everything in the game is described in great detail and realistic. In addition, the murky and dark context of a devastated world gives you dramatic feelings and a little fear. With a top-down view, you can observe what’s happening and easily adapt to any situation.

Download Frostborn APK for Android

Overall, Frostborn is a very interesting and in-depth survival game. The game is taken seriously by the development team, they always try to bring the best experience to you through updates.

Sometimes, you may find it difficult and impatient when you can’t find what the game requires. But that is what creates an attraction for this game. There are many mysteries that no one has found. Whether you have played a game for a month or a year, you can still feel your knowledge are extremely small.

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    Dear Mody
    Mod this game please.
    Thank you for your hard work.

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