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Frontier Justice APK + MOD (Quick Battle) v1.211.001

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NameFrontier Justice
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RequiresAndroid 4.1

Frontier Justice – Return to the Wild West MOD APK is a strategy simulation game by ONEMT for iOS and Android. This is an adventure in the Wild West, endless inspiration of times, where life and death are sometimes just a split second from a bullet.

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Frontier Justice: Bounty hunter and battle for justice in the Wild West

Wild West, where there are only good people, bad people, wine, and guns

Frontier Justice – Return to the Wild West is exactly a platformer, simulation, strategy, action, cinematic game. Everything is blended, buffering together creates an interesting story that I haven’t seen for a long time on the mobile gaming platform.

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In the game, you play as a bounty hunter. Of course, the bounty hunter’s nature is to do everything for money, but he is also very ethical and righteous. The guy will turn to different lands, help people, fight against bad guys.

Bounty hunters, of course, will do everything for the bounty, but also for the bigger things

To clarify the qualities I just mentioned, I will describe a bit of the first scene. First, you will choose the character, more precisely the character’s appearance. Remember, appearance only works to increase your inspiration, not affect the strength of your character or gameplay in the future.

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Then you are “granted” a free horse. Wander to a certain town (follow the lead of the storyline). Suddenly someone came from somewhere and told you “Hey, are you a hunting bounty? A few bandits are disturbing the village. They are extremely aggressive, bullying people, shooting fast. No one dares to do anything”.

At this point the game will appear a dialogue panel with 2 options. Fight or run away. You are also a bounty hunter, a veteran gunman, a righteous man. Of course, you will agree to help out this village. At this point, Frontier Justice surprised me with the transition effects and the way the game connects everything:

  • The story is told by animation, full screen in a straight third-person perspective, like a living documentary.
  • At the chats between the characters, a clear, easy-to-understand dialogue board appears with a reasonable amount of time.
  • When you choose an answer, there is always a hinting line, which helps you stay alert at all times to maintain the role and nature of the main character.
  • The game moves from a direct cinematic to a general view, minimizing everything in sight, but with a top-down perspective. With this change, you can see the whole picture, identify enemies and find your way.
  • At the hand-to-hand gun battles, the game returns to the original cinematic direct angle, so that players can witness and feel the thrill of each action.

Note, Frontier Justice is a strategy game, not a role-playing game or shooting game. All of your actions in the game are almost just: click to choose the answer in the chat, aim and pull the trigger, accept the challenge, collect money after completing the mission. Compared with the large storyline and complicated transition effects above, it is clear that Frontier Justice’s gameplay is much simpler and leisurely.

The missions in the game are varied and unpredictable

The challenges are mostly related to the characters in the game. You can duel with some bandits, find prisoners who have escaped, track down a murderer. This is also an opportunity for you to show off your shooting talent.

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Mixed with the above important challenges, you can also participate in Western games such as poker, card drawing, drinking. You will receive many rewards through these games.

Next, when immersing in the western desert world, you will discover strange creatures like Arabian horses. At this time, the task is taming and nurturing these creatures, and hunt legendary western animals such as bears, wolves, crocodiles, tigers … And with each completion you will also receive rewards are rare items.

And finally, that is also the reason why the game belongs to the genre of strategy simulation. Along the way, you’ll build your own city with Saloon, the stables, Frisco Express Train Station … Everyone can be the leader, and so can you.

Graphics and sound

Extreme retro graphics, smooth transitions and amazing flexibility (as I mentioned at the beginning). In the cinematic scenes, everything is clearly detailed and vivid with every facial muscle. And in the fight scenes or the arena from the top down, the distance is far, but the images still very sharp and complete.

The music is the fun country melody that we often hear in movies about the West. Morever, the sound incorporated into it is very ear-sounding: the sound of gunshots, the sound of guns drawing, the hooves of horses, the sound of beer glasses touching each other, the sound of people screaming …

MOD APK version of Frontier Justice

MOD feature

Quick Battle

When the battle starts, you touch the Skip button in the corner of the screen to end.

Download Frontier Justice MOD APK for Android

Simple, compact, without the need for an expensive and sophisticated PC, we can still be immersed in the cowboy world that childhood has always wanted. Please download the game Frontier Justice MOD APK to play now.

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