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Summary about Fortnite 4.5

Latest Version4.5
Size7 GB
MOD Features: No
PlatformsWindows, Mac, Xbox One, Playstation 4, iOS


Referring to Fortnite, you and other players will often think of Fortnite Mobile: Battle Royal, but actually Battle Royal is just another mode in this great game. Fortnite is a combat-coordinated survival game developed by People Can Fly and Epic Games. This is a 100% free game in Battle Royal mode. However, to experience during the trial, you need to pay a fee.

Speaking of survival games, people will think of the blockbuster Minecraft or Survivalcraft parts 1 and 2. However, Fortnite PC brings you a very different survival roleplaying style, it is fun gameplay combined with more Quickly, especially the super-beautiful graphics, the detailed of the characters … all contribute to creating a new and exciting sandbox game for global gamers.

Unique plot

Fortnite 3

The plot in Fortnite is also very different. You are trapped in a mysterious open world. In the morning, the player takes the job of a true survival game, exploring and gathering resources, finding places and items to prepare for a zombie battle every night.

Your tasks

The task of players in the game Fortnite is to discover, find items, make weapons, build buildings and prepare good forces to beat monsters. Players can combine to find and use buildings, protect the base and target from the attack of the Husks. The building is the dominant structure in the game and there are a lot of things buried there. Players can build and repair each wall in a 3×3 layout, basement, roof, window … and creative options.

Fortnite 3

It can be said, Building is the most impressive and important feature in Fortnite. With fast and easy build tools. Players can build buildings anywhere, such as through trees, rocks and vehicles. Energize to create strong defensive systems without fear of obstacles.

New weapons system

Fortnite for pc

This game has a unique weapon system created and designed by Epic. I have experienced a few guns and found them impressive both in design and strength. The game has a variety of guns that, depending on their rarity, will split power.


The maps and maps in the Fortnite game are randomly generated, and players are given a variety of weapons such as pistols, pistols, snipers … to fight. The four main classes are Ninja, Outlander, Soldier and Constructor with unique abilities.

The graphics of the game are designed in the traditional 3D animation style of Epic instead of choosing 3D design blockbuster such as PUBG or Rules Of Survival, because Epic want all players can experience the game on any Which hardware is strong or weak.

This game also includes Color Blind Mode: Colorblind mode can be enabled in the Accessibility tab of the Settings section. In it, you can customize the level you want to best suit yourself.

A game worth the money

Fortnite is an interesting combination of Minecraft and Left 4 Dead. From now on, you can sign up to try different versions of Fortnite for $ 39.99 to $ 149.99. Hopefully, Fortnite will soon release the official version so that we can play it for free!

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