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NameForce Master
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RequiresAndroid 4.4

Force Master MOD APK (Premium/No Ads) is a new casual game of Voodoo where you can use the Force as a Jedi. Download this game via the links below this article.

Introduce about Force Master

Voodoo continues to develop creative fun games that have become a trademark of this famous publisher. Today, I will introduce to you a new game of Voodoo with completely new and interesting gameplay, which is Force Master. Let’s learn a little bit about this game.


Like most other games of the publisher Voodoo, Force Master is a simple game but highly addictive. The reason for saying so is because this is a casual action game with new gameplay. Entering the game, you become a superman with the superpower. However, it looks like you are locked in a building by infamous gangsters. Your mission is to destroy all enemies through the use of super hands to destroy all.

Entering each level of the game, you will meet extremely crowded and aggressive enemies. To complete the level, you must defeat all enemies and keep yourself safe. With the power of your hands, you can defeat your enemies and destroy everything. The level ends when you open the door at the finish line. That door opens only when you have defeated all enemies in that level.

Swipe the sides of the screen to blow your opponent away. Touch and hold the screen to lock the nearest object, then release your finger to throw it forward. Quite simple, right? But in a chaotic battlefield, you only have a few seconds to think and execute your actions. If you do not have control of your strength and leave an enemy alive, he can take you down, and you have to start over.

Use the Force to defeat your enemies

Playing Force Master, players will feel like they are playing a first-person action game (FPS). Because all your activity is just by your arms displayed on the screen. The controls of Force Master are very simple. You move your finger to control the character. The game has a character-oriented self-navigation system. However, you can only finish when you have defeated all enemies in the game screen.

In this game, you have complete control over everything in the environment and control them with the power of your hands. You can pick up everything around such as furniture, stairs, cars, … to throw at the enemy. Even the objects that were out of reach, because you used the Force.

The reason for saying that these are hands with extraordinary power because you can throw and control anything no matter how big and bulky. Even the enemy is under your control. Swipe sideways to knock away those who are in your way. The more enemies are defeated, the greater the energy of the hands is accumulated and when maximized will release a powerful source of energy that can take down all enemies.

Use objects to destroy enemies

Force Master has hundreds of different levels of gameplay with increasing difficulty. Each level takes players to different areas such as offices, rooftops, parking lots or the arsenal, … You need to take advantage of each item that appears in each area to defeat the enemy. For example, in the parking lot, you can throw an entire car at the enemy or throw an entire barrel of explosives to take down a large number of enemies while in the arsenal.

Of course, more and more enemies are ready to attack you. And you will meet more powerful enemies like sumo fighters or enemies equipped with guns and armor. In particular, every few levels, the last boss will appear. The bosses are difficult to defeat because they have a large amount of health, and they are protected by many juniors. Just, unfortunately, you get hit by one bullet also makes you lose. But, remember that you have hands that can control anything. So why not try to control the enemy’s projectile?

Unlock gloves

When playing Force Master, you get the feeling that you are like a mutant, a Jedi. Your hand can control everything. As you pass the stages, you can speed up the process of unlocking new gloves. The game has a lot of cool gloves such as Iron Man, Bat Man, Spider-Man gloves, helping you to have more new experiences.

MOD APK version of Force Master

MOD feature

Premium/No Ads: In VOODOO games, ads always appear quite a lot, making your experience uncomfortable. You can disconnect from the internet while playing, or use our MOD version. Of course, you can still watch ads to unlock new gloves.

Download Force Master MOD APK for Android

Force Master is a fun and addictive arcade game that you can find on Google Play. With the fun that this interesting game brings, I believe you will have to spend a lot of time enjoying it. The game is very suitable for relieving stress and playing during breaks. Now, you can download the game via the links below the article.

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