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Food Truck Chef APK + MOD (Unlimited Money) v8.20

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NameFood Truck Chef
Package Namecom.nukeboxstudios.foodtruckchef
PublisherNukebox Studios
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 4.4

You love street food culture and want to own your own food truck? Food Truck Chef MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is a game that will help make your dreams come true.

Introduce about Food Truck Chef

Nukebox Studios is a famous publisher on Google Play with extremely interesting cooking simulation games. Food Truck Chef is their most popular game with over 10 million downloads and nearly 300 thousand ratings. And today, we will introduce you about this game and the MOD version of it.


If you are bored with classic restaurants and want to enjoy food in free outside space, Food Truck Chef will give you a food truck and take you to famous streets around the world. Your sandwich dish is popular street food. People know you for this cake, and sandwiches are also the starting point to start your culinary empire.

Food Truck Chef for android

The ingredients are available. You just cook it and give the finished dishes to the customers. Heat the sauce, then pour it into the waiting plate. It will turn into a delicious cake. However, pay attention to your kitchen. Food will burn if you leave it on for too long without spilling it on a plate. Later, you can unlock an extra shelf so that the food is cooked, but it’s not as important as cooking skillfully and at the right time. You have to throw spoiled food in the trash, which directly affects your sales.

Do you see the blue columns next to the customers? That represents the customer wait time. If it goes by about one-third, you will see that the client’s face will change. The faster you serve, the more satisfied customers will feel and the more you tip you.

Upgrade your kitchen

A clean kitchen with modern technology will save you a lot of time in cooking. You can unlock new cookers, which help you make four cakes at the same time. When the customers are overcrowded, you will find that a kitchen is not enough for all customers to feel satisfied. Some customers will soon lose their patience and leave if you cook too long.

Besides that, you also serve some drinks such as coffee and hot chocolate. Upgrade the coffee machine to help it work faster, serve more customers.

Unlock new dishes in the menu

As one of the leading games in the culinary simulation genre, Food Truck Chef has an extremely diverse menu. You have the opportunity to manually cook thousands of famous dishes in the world such as sandwiches, pasta, bacon, tofu, seafood, cakes, …

Food Truck Chef mod apk

It is estimated that the game has more than 700 recipes. You will be given the chance to cook typical dishes in Asia, Europe and many other countries around the world. However, these recipes are not available. You will have to unlock new game content to get them!

Decorate your “mobile” restaurant

Don’t think that a food truck cannot be a 5-star restaurant. You can decorate the area in front of your food cart into a unique outdoor restaurant to attract more customers. Through it, you can get additional benefits such as getting more tips, increasing the price of the food or increasing the waiting time of customers.

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There are many upgradable items, such as furniture, bookshelves, Air Dancer, Guitar, sound system, and more. However, they are not available. You will have to use the proceeds of your business to buy.

Overall, the decoration elements in this game are quite interesting. You can show off your design skills, including the interior of your “mobile” restaurant and the outdoor space where guests enjoy their favorite food.

Explore the world through your food truck

The content of Food Truck Chef is built quite detailed and methodically. On your food truck, you can travel to many unique locations around the world. From Brazilian street style, Asian cuisine or a luxury French restaurant, you’ll join a free tour in your food truck and introduce your delicious food to your friends all around the world.

Besides, the game also has a lot of achievements for you to unlock. The leaderboard is the best proof of what you have achieved in your career as a chef.

Graphics and sound

Overall, the game has a bright and fun graphics background. Characters and settings are designed quite simply, but it contributes to the difference of Food Truck Chef from other cooking simulation games. The image is cute, pure and colorful. Thanks to that, the game is suitable for all ages, including children.

In addition, the background music has a gentle melody, helping you to relax in the process of cooking attractive dishes.

MOD APK version of Food Truck Chef

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: You have lots of money and diamonds. Thanks to that, you can unlock premium recipes and shop for items to decorate your restaurant.

Download Food Truck Chef MOD APK for Android

Food Truck Chef is one of the coolest cooking simulation games on Android. It is still under development and adding new content for better player experience. Tens of millions of people have installed Food Truck Chef, download this game and start your culinary journey around the world right now.

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    Hi, can you please mod alchemia story if it’s possible?
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    Or big damage, god mod?
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