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Those who like to play fighting games like Super Smash Bros definitely cannot ignore Flash Party. Good gameplay, fun to play, 3D graphics are beautiful and eye-catching. There are many other cool things in the gameplay, please continue reading in this article.

Introduce about Flash Party

Non-violent and funny fighting game


In this game, you will select from the default characters available with different skills and enter a live Battle Royale with other players. The battle in Flash Party is not only based on individual skills such as jumping, dodging, attacking with weapons, but also combining with combo moves to fight quickly.

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Your goal in each battle is to use all what you have to eliminate the opponent. From time to time, each player has a damage index in percentage. The higher the damage is, the higher the chance of being removed from the field becomes. At this time, it only takes a light kick to make the opponent take much more damage than usual, and risk being thrown out of the scene.

Unlike classic combat games, characters don’t have Health Points. It’s all based on percent of damage. If you receive 100% damage, you will lose one life star (lose three stars to lose). Your only way to win is to beat your opponent as many times as possible so that when the time runs out, whoever has the least number of falls from the ring will be the winner.

Considered a mobile copy of Super Smash Bros, Flash Party converges almost all the features of this epic original game such as attractive arena and many unpredictable 3D scenes. During the game, the angle and distance of the battlefield will automatically adjust based on the position and skill that two players are launching. Believe in the publisher about how to always provide a good, detailed, and best stimulating perspective for both. For example, when launching a combo, the screen will be rotated as close as possible to capture the expensive moments and perfect effects of the combo. And when two opponents are warying to avoid bullets, the screen will zoom out to see the whole scene.

The gameplay of Flash Party is also quite strange. It’s a bit difficult to get used to, but once you get the hang of it, you can master a lot of situations. The character’s movement mechanism is also a decisive factor in survival in each match. You should take some time to practice to get used to it. Swipe twice to jump high, swipe left in an arc to slide later, touch once to hit, kick basic… Absolutely don’t let yourself be confused and passive from the first seconds. Because of the flexible fighting style in Flash Party, it is easy to let down from the beginning.

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After each win, you will receive stars. When the number of stars has reached a certain level, there will be larger rewards. Depending on the difficulty of the levels, the rewards will be different. Compared to the original version, the reward mechanism in Flash Party is much simpler. But the potential for the production team to further develop Flash Party is immense. So, in the future, we can fully expect more diversity and depth in all aspects of this game.

Extremely eye-catching graphics

One of the factors that brings enormous success to Flash Party is in character creation. All the warriors in Flash Party are very strange in a fun modern style. Just looking at it makes me want to play.

Character design in Flash Party is modern cartoon style. Characters come in all shapes, ages, genders, and everyone has amazingly powerful moves along with a wide range of skills that don’t require any support. The movement is also smooth like playing on a real Switch.

Another good point is for skill effects. This game combine light, rotation, explosive sound effects, constantly changing colors. Whenever the character makes a special combo attack, it lights up a corner of the screen, which is very impressive. I used to love Super Smash Bros’ spatial jerks, so when I tried Flash Party, I didn’t dare to expect much. However, when I played it, from the first screen, the first combo, I had to change my prejudice immediately. Mobile games are so cool right now.

Characters representing space and times

The character is what makes Flash Party’s first impression so strong. Currently the game has a few default characters and is expected to increase more in the near future.

We have Sivi, the boy with two giant gauntlets and one-hit hits sure to make any foe tremble. We have the all-white snowman Mikko, capable of creating massive snowballs that roll quickly to crush opponents. We have Sophia, the teenage girl whose ultimate weapon is a sword that emits electricity with a dizzying attack speed. A magician can use a long-range wand to unleash a series of attacks towards his opponent.

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Cupid will use his love arrows to fight, also a ranged character. Heracles is a lovely creature, holding a thunderstorm stick in his hand that can create thunder and storms to knock off enemies. Tina has powerful kicks and impressive movement speed. Finally, there is Alice, a little girl who can sleep anytime, anywhere, but has a pair of giant robotic arms that guard 24/24.

Download Flash Party APK for Android and let’s fight!

Flash Party is a Super Smash Bros fighting game. This promises to satisfy all your needs from characters, moves, gameplay, to angle and speed of battle. The combat is intense, engaging every second, but the feeling is always upbeat, bright, and fun. It’s really fun when playing like this.

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