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NameFlaming Core
Package Namecom.habby.flamingcore
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 5.0
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Flaming Core is a simple entertainment game with interesting and novel gameplay with the idea of ​​​​restoring the world order that has been turned upside down by hackers. The game offers unbelievably minimalist graphics and is fun and quite challenging.

Introduce about Flaming Core

Recover the hacked circuit board in the super speed, minimalist arcade game!

About Flaming Core

Flaming Core is a casual game based on the popular “bounce and smash” gameplay on mobile. Players are interested in Flaming Core because of its quick gameplay that is suitable for mobile platforms when you do not need to go through a long story but can play immediately. And above all, it is popular because it has a captivating approach to everything.


In the dark fantasy world, everything has been hacked upside down and thrown out of normal orbit. Your task is to go through the murky maze and restore the lost order. In each scene, you control a Flaming core ball on a hacked board world.

You go through obstacles, collect neon blobs, destroy black viruses and dodge their blinding red bullets. Once these tons of viruses are cleaned, the hacked board will be restored to its original condition.

Tips to play Flaming Core for newbies

Flaming Core is divided into many levels, and currently, there are more than 160 levels. The game offers 3 different levels for players to choose from by skill and challenge. In each scene, there will be different virus bot enemies. The bot strains here are not too many. Some can shoot lasers, some come close and wait for you to come and take one shot to kill you. Some stand still doing nothing, but if you touch them, you can die. Although not too complicated in the number of types, they are extremely crowded, shoot well, and move extremely fast. You will be in a difficult situation because you are confused. In many scenes, I was so confused and didn’t realize where the flaming core was. So, the key secret when playing this game is being calm, confident, and clear.

The second secret is to choose the right time to attack. Bots are most vulnerable when they have just launched an attack. At this point, if you speed up and “knock” their heads, the chance of success is very high.

In Flaming Core, players will also encounter a rather unique item, Bullet Time. This item will help you improvise more flexibly, slowing down the bots’ attacks to easily kill them or sneak another way.

Core also needs to be upgraded

During the game, you will need to continuously upgrade your Core to fight better in the next levels. When winning several levels and accumulating quite a lot of neon green blocks, Core can be leveled up with several different skins.

You can choose to buy any item in the game store: a new color skin, a skin that clears levels without taking many lives, or skin that makes enemies stand still so they can’t react when you attack. Or you can buy a skin that costs 2000 green neon blocks, it can give you the super speed of a Flash hero, helping you to anticipate any situation and run away quickly when dangers arise.

Graphics and sound

The objects in Flaming Core are all designed in a minimalist style. It uses the main globe image on the background of circuit boards that play the role of a maze. The most used lighting is neon color tones (yellow, blue, red), showing the high-tech spirit in the miniature world of circuit boards.

On the background of minimalist graphics that support high concentration, music also plays a big role in creating excitement for players. Making the most of futuristic EDM tunes, Flaming Core has created a harmonious combo of fast-paced gameplay and electronic look to attract players from the very first minute.

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MOD feature

Unlimited Money

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Flaming Core is a short game of arcade type but is a bit difficult to play. It offers simple graphics, easy controls, a modern feeling, and excitement throughout the game. What level do you think you can get on Flaming Core? 

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