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RequiresAndroid 4.4
Version1.53.0 (build 87)
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If you love fishing, let me introduce you to a very interesting game called Fishing Strike APK. This is a product of Netmarble Games, released on both iOS and Android platforms.

About Fishing Strike

Fishing is a recreational sport in any country. This is in line with nature lovers and requires the fisherman to be patient, have plenty of free time. It would be great if we go fishing with our friends over the weekend. It would be very interesting. For those who live in rural areas like me, fishing in the afternoons are memories that you can not forget.

Fishing on mobile

Unlike Big Fish King, a very interesting fishing game that I introduced to you before. This time, you will not fish in rivers or lakes anymore, which you experience fishing in the vast vast beaches. This is the mysterious beauty of an entire aquatic ecosystem. Millions of colorful fish, gorgeous coral beaches or fierce sharks.

Fishing Strike gameplay

First, you have to choose one of two male or female characters to start playing Fishing Strike. To become a real fisherman, you have to own all the necessary items such as fishing rods, bait, wire … You can upgrade the more modern accessories to conquer the biggest fish. For example, if you want to fish large fish, you need bigger fishing lines and hooks. The operations of the game are relatively simple, making you easy to familiarize. The realistic physical mechanism, you will feel like being in real life.

500 species of fish

Fishing Strike fish

Fishing Strike has 500 species of fish. Each type of fish is suitable for a different species of bait, so you should choose the right bait to catch the fish you want. You can conquer all the common fish such as salmon, clownfish, tuna … even rays or white sharks. There is one thing that you should know. The white shark is very aggressive. Each time they are hooked, they will strongly escape. Not only sharks but large fish species are similar. You must use the skills necessary to catch them, avoid the big fish lost.

Many famous places

When playing Fishing Strike, you are travelling to many famous places in different countries. It could be beaches, ponds or rivers. No need for VISA, no cost and time, just a touch, you can get where you want. Isn\’t it great?

Fishing Strike travel the world

Fishing is a sport that many people love. Therefore, Fishing Strike allows you to compete with other players in the game\’s fishing tournaments. Show off your skills, catch the rare fish, get the most expensive fish and climb to the top of the charts. Do you want to be the best fisherman in the world?

Not only that, after owning different fish species, you can build your own Aquarium.


Fishing Strike graphics

Fishing Strike’s graphics are based on the 3D platform. The details of the game are designed very honestly, sharply. Green beaches, waves, winds or fish. You will feel nervous like fishing in real life while waiting for the fish to bite. Moreover, every time you catch a fish successfully you will get the cheers of the viewers.

Fishing Strike is the first fishing game to use in virtual reality technology VR. Thanks to this, you are enjoying the beautiful underwater space. You can look at 360 degrees to see fish swimming in your room.

Download Fishing Strike APK for Android

Today, we have less free time. So fishing on the phone is a great choice for those who love fishing. You can download Fishing Strike to your phone via the links below:

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