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PlatformsAndroid 4.1
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Besides the action role-playing games, the tactical games still have a large number of players. One of them is Clash of Clans or Clash Royale. Whether you are a beginner or a master, these games still have many things for you discover.

First Hero is also the same game. On March 5th, publisher Webzen released its latest product, First Hero, for both iOS and Android operating system. However, the first version of the game was only released in three countries Canadian, Latin America and the Philippines.

Building your kingdom

First Hero gameplay

In the game, you become a king, politician, economist, commander of a powerful country. From the meagre initial resources that the game provides, build some buildings to produce and develop agriculture to harvest food for the entire kingdom. Gradually, you can build the most powerful kingdom. Construction of large-scale construction, military camps, weapons factories, … Each one has a unique architectural style, which makes the distinction of each kingdom. You can create your own or refer to the design of other players.

When you begin to grow, expanding your land. Expand the area, giving you more space to build large buildings. Also, do not forget to build a wall to protect your kingdom from attacks by monsters or other players\’ armies.

The mighty army

First Hero hero

A powerful kingdom cannot lack the strength of the military. First Hero possesses a full range of troops such as infantry, archers, cavalry, … even wizards or giant dragons. They will help you fight the invasions of neighbouring kingdoms. Moreover, you can use your army to loot other kingdoms, bring back resources and fame for you.

A strong army can\’t lack a good general. In First Hero, you will meet many familiar warriors and knights in Western myths. Recruit these warriors, lead your army to fight against all enemies.

First Hero soldier

Each way of aligning the team gives you a whole new tactic. First Hero allows you to control each type of army in battle, making the battle tense and unpredictable results. Unlike other games, the victory belongs to the rich and the stronger. In this game, your strategy and creativity are the most important.

You can use your resources to upgrade military buildings, thereby upgrading the strength of your army.


First Hero gameplay 2

In addition to PvE mode to help you earn resources and unlock features, First Hero also has an attractive PvP mode. You are confronted by other players around the world in this mode. Try to win as many points ranking as possible, thereby gaining high rankings in the game’s rankings.


I was very impressed with First Hero about the interaction in the game. You can join alliances with other players to form a powerful alliance. Besides, you and they can help each other fight, exchange resources or simply visit each other’s kingdoms.

Epic graphics

First Hero graphics

If you have liked Clash of Clans or Clash Royale then you will definitely be pleased with the graphics of the First Hero. Your kingdom and army are simulated good, making your experience perfect. In addition, the sound of the game is also very attractive, making the fight more fierce.


Overall, First Hero is a pretty attractive strategy game. Spend your weekend to enjoy a fun strategy game like First Hero is not a bad idea at all. The game supports iOS and Android, download for free from the links below.

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