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The post-apocalyptic world is increasingly endangered by giant monsters. Join Final Fantasy Explorers Force APK, you will fight with heroes and protect the world.

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  1. Introduce about Final Fantasy Explorers Force
    1. The world after an apocalypse
    2. The war is not over
    3. Graphics
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Introduce about Final Fantasy Explorers Force

Square Enix is one of the most successful Japanese publishers with a series of well-known RPG action games. Among them is the Final Fantasy series, which is no stranger to fans of action games. The game’s enormous amount of players have somewhat expressed the popularity of this game. After the release of Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition, a new addition to the series called Final Fantasy Explorers Force has also been officially launched globally. This is really good news for the general gaming community and fans of Final Fantasy in particular.

The world after an apocalypse

Background game inspired by the apocalyptic world. I thought that the game is the next version of Final Fantasy Explorers, but that’s not true. Final Fantasy Explorers Force is completely independent, both in storyline and gameplay. The world of Final Fantasy appears more and more monsters. They appear everywhere and want to destroy people.

A guy who lives on the border decides to find the best warriors, associates the power to destroy the entire monster, returns them to hell. Pitfalls, even death, do not stop you. The mission of saving the world is in your hands. Can you do great things?

Final Fantasy Explorers Force

In Final Fantasy Explorers Force, the player can meet one more time familiar characters from the Final Fantasy series. From the healthy Paladin, always leading the fight, or characters like Squall Leonhart, Tidus or even Cloud Strife. You are also allowed to customize the appearance of each character. Make special styles, unlike anyone else.

The war is not over

The game begins with big battles. Gradually, the game gradually opens up things in this world. Follow the hero of your choice, fight and explore mysteries in this chaotic world. Each time you level up, your power is multiplied countless times. Also, do not forget to collect items to make you more powerful.

Final Fantasy Explorers Force 2

This battle is too dangerous. However, you are not alone. Each time you hunt, you are connected to 4 other players. Set up the team together, showing your strength in each skill.

As far as I know, the word “Force” in Final Fantasy Explorers Force speaks of three forces, corresponding to three classes of power against monsters. These three classes include Crystal Force, Soldier Force, and Summon Force. If you go solo, you can hardly beat the monsters in this game. Unite, people help each other win. When you defeat the boss, you will receive countless precious items from the game. Although many people judge the boss in the game is simpler than the previous version, but the countless powerful boss is also a challenge not small.

Final Fantasy Explorers Force characters

The game has hundreds of missions for you to fight all day long. On a mission, you also find many interesting things in Final Fantasy Explorers Force. Because Final Fantasy Explorers Force focuses on the main plot, so all the information you get is useful in conquering the world. The combat mechanism is quite simple, very suitable for mobile devices. You can easily control the characters, perform complex actions or beautiful combos. However, it takes a few time to get used to it.


The graphics of the game are developed in 3D very beautiful. Although there are dozens of different versions, the graphics of Final Fantasy Explorers Force or the entire Final Fantasy series have never made the player feel dissatisfied. Rated as one of the best graphics games in the mobile gaming community, the effects of the game are very detailed. I admire the majestic world, the monster giant in this game.

Final Fantasy Explorers Force 3

In addition, the in-game music system is also written by top Japanese musicians, delivering the best gaming experience for you.

Download Final Fantasy Explorers Force APK for Android

Overall, this can be considered a quite successful game by Square Enix publisher, contributing to the expansion of the Final Fantasy world. Hope you enjoy this engaging action role-playing game. I continue to try hard this game now.

Final Fantasy Explorers Force APK v1.6.2

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