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NameFictif: Interactive Romance
Package Namecom.nixhydragames.sna
PublisherNix Hydra
CategoryVisual Novel
MOD FeaturesFree Premium Choices
RequiresAndroid 4.4
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Download Fictif: Interactive Romance – Visual Novels MOD APK to experience the fascinating stories, and you can choose Premium Choices for free.

Introduce about Fictif: Interactive Romance

The visual novel games take you on an emotional journey. You can make decisions in situations and lead the story the way you want. Fictif: Interactive Romance – Visual Novels is the game I would recommend to you in this article. If you love it, please leave a 5-star review for this post!


Fictif: Interactive Romance – Visual Novels offers intuitive role-playing gameplay. You will become the main character in the stories. You will interact with other characters, chat with them, flirt, and do something together. That’s interesting, isn’t it?

However, keep in mind that your decisions will influence future events. This is a feature of the visual novel genre, based on it to lead the story to the end you want.

Discover interesting stories

Currently, Fictif: Interactive Romance – Visual Novels has four stories: TWO AGAINST THE WORLD, LAST LEGACY, ROADKILL, and HEIR TO LOVE & LIES. Some reviews from players said that the number of stories is too small. But with the experience of people who have gone through it, I have found that the playing time of each story is quite long, and it may take longer if you want to understand the content deeper. You can also expect the developer to add new stories in the near future.

In the four stories above, HEIR TO LOVE & LIES seems to have a horror element. The opening trailer shows a soul, trying to tell you that the protagonist girl has been murdered. In fact, it was her grandmother. After she died, the girl – her granddaughter inherited more than 16 million dollars. The people around her always wanted a part of them and most likely, one of them is the killer. With the help of her grandmother, you need to find out who that person is so that her grandmother’s soul can pass away.

ROADKILL tells the story of your journey across the country and three other friends. However, strange things happened, making everyone feel scared. It seemed there was a murderer trying to follow you. What will you and the others do to survive and return home?

TWO AGAINST THE WORLD is set in the Gatsby 1920 era. It is a romantic adventure with a gangster. He brings the love you’ve always wanted. Will you accept or give up that love when his background is gradually revealed?

The final story is LAST LEGACY. You become the most popular cosplayer. During a concert, you accidentally see a purple crystal and get caught up in the fantasy world. In this world, there are many dangers. You will have to seek the help of mages and knights and use your magic to fight the evil forces. Can you complete the destiny and return home safely?


Line characters in Fictif: Interactive Romance – Visual Novels is quite diverse. You can chat, interact with more than 20 different people. Each of them has remarkable personalities and looks. As you interact with them more, you will find each person’s insides deepened. It is this point that makes the game much more popular games in this category.

Some other features

Fictif: Interactive Romance – Visual Novels supports save play progress. Thanks to that, you can switch between devices and don’t lose data. To archive, you just need to access the settings, choose to login with Google or Facebook account.

The game also encourages players by rewarding stars. You can get one star for free per day or view each ad to get one more star. These stars are used to choose the Premium Choices.

MOD APK version of Fictif: Interactive Romance

MOD feature

Free Premium Choices

Download Fictif: Interactive Romance MOD APK for Android

The visual novel genre is not new anymore, and so is the Fictif: Interactive Romance – Visual Novels type of content. However, the game is still loved by new, creative, and profound stories. Now you can write your own story, decide what happens and meet the people you want.

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  • diddd9093 avatar
    Ddd Di

    Could you please update the app to 1.0.46 version cause the old one doesn’t work anymore 💔

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    howwl leaf

    Thank you for your hard work! <33

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    just c

    The new update!! Thanxx

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    w w

    A new update is here
    Thank you for your hard work =} !!

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    ronnie valdez

    Thank you for this mod! It works perfectly fine!

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