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NameFate of Kai
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Fate of Kai APK is a new generation of story-telling adventure games. In the game, you play as Kai lost in the world of a magical book, each page is a story and a journey you must go through to understand the depths of your soul.

Fate of Kai: Who are you in these mysterious magical stories?

It’s hard to say whether Fate of Kai is a comic book or an adventure game

Have you ever played a narrative game and ever completely immersed yourself in the adventure world of a real comic book through a game? And have you ever been the main character in a magical fantasy plot, and chosen to change your life through each page of the comic book yourself?

If not, then I think you should download Fate of Kai to enjoy.

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I use the word “enjoy”, not “play” the game because, in Fate of Kai, you will be reading a true story comic book that is also a mysterious magical product. The main character, Kai, who is also you, will be given several decisive choices, thereby changing your life in a certain direction. Ignore or learn the knots of the past, go forward or backward, fight or flee, up or down… whatever, everything you do is not only good for yourself but also changes the path forward of the plot as well as the end of the story.

Many things are hidden deep inside each page of the book

Fate of Kai is an animated story-telling adventure game. The book is divided into 160 chapters with more than 700 pages of pictures. Each chapter contains a puzzle, a challenge in which you will be the decision-maker. Your choice will determine the following pages. But in some cases, if you don’t choose correctly, you will have to return to the starting point.

Everything seems easy and simple at the beginning but gradually becomes more confusing as the past interjects into the present, another space and time begin to unfold and bring you into the dramatic situations. It can be said simply: Fate of Kai is about discovering the story of life and modifying the thoughts and actions of the characters so that the plot will follow the way you want.

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For example, when Kai was stuck with a heavy hand in a secret chest and came to a crossroad, one side was a mountainside, one side was a fast-flowing waterfall. At the bottom of the book, a Jump or Climb option will appear. If you choose Climb you will go to the next page and do a dangerous long slide. So, you will go back and choose Jump, Kai will jump over the big rocks narrowly over the waterfall, but at least reach the other shore, not fall as catastrophically as choosing Climb. It’s a microscopic example of the many things you have to deal with.

Identify yourself among the story

Later on, the choices become tighter and more thrilling because the feasibility of each is often equally meager. In addition, the plot expands with more and more characters appearing, making everything look like a maze. At this point, your task is no longer simply to make choices to protect Kai, but also more big choices to direct the story back to reality, where everything is still in your control. friend. In other words, you must find your way out in the middle of this maze of magic books.

Gradually from his adventures, Kai begins to become aware of his role and will eventually understand why he has stumbled into this strange book of magic. Well, everything happens for a reason.

Fate of Kai is not just a game, it’s an ingenious work of art

I do not want to call Fate of Kai a game at all, because the fighting nature and competition are almost not here. I like to call this a work of comic art. Why? Because to me, it is 100 times more interesting than reading a normal book. Just inside the story of each page of the book opened, there are 3-4 frames that are hand-painted ingeniously, seriously, with correct colors and full of enthusiasm, just that is enough to imagine how much love the designer gave into it. You enjoy the game, immerse yourself in the main character and admire the beauty of the comic book as a true work of art. That is the valuable value that I feel from the game.

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The sound is nothing to complain about. Throughout the whole game is soft, gentle background music. Sometimes it changes a bit in some important chapters but in general that style will go through the game.

Download Fate of Kai APK free for Android

Believe me! Fate of Kai will be an unforgettable experience in your gaming life, now and in the future. Like the feeling of drifting between the contemplations of a childhood book “The Catcher in the Rye”, your experience will be great. Playing this game after a long tiring day, you will be relaxed a lot, as all you can do for the story’s protagonist Kai is nothing compared to the reflections in your mind.

Hope everyone has a wonderful experience with Fate of Kai. Get it now!

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