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NameFat 2 Fit!
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Coins, No Ads
RequiresAndroid 7.0

Fat 2 Fit! MOD APK is a game belongs to the arcade genre from the developer VOODOO. In the game, you play as a girl who has exercised by jogging combining jumping, walking, launching, swinging and overcoming her low-carb journey to the finish line with a fit body.

Table of contents
  1. Introduce about Fat 2 Fit!
    1. Give me a reason to play Fat 2 Fit!
    2. The game has no context, everything you need to understand is already in front of your eyes
    3. The comedy image will make you more excited
  2. MOD APK version of Fat 2 Fit!
    1. MOD features
  3. Download Fat 2 Fit! MOD APK for Android

Introduce about Fat 2 Fit!

Exercise, low-carb, stay away from burgers. Any weight loss journey is arduous!

Give me a reason to play Fat 2 Fit!

There are lots of reasons to play Fat 2 Fit!. Maybe you just innocently want to find a mobile game for pure entertainment, no thinking, no competition. Or you are looking for a super short game, each level only lasts a few seconds. Or better, you are looking for a game that gives n times the motivation to your weight loss journey.

And whatever the reason, after playing, you must acknowledge Fat 2 Fit! It’s a… crazy game. The creator of this game must have gone through the weight loss stage. Without any words, nor visual effects, it still touches the secret heart of people who are in the process of losing weight.

The game has no context, everything you need to understand is already in front of your eyes

In the game, you are a young girl, starting an obstacle course, with a rather chubby body. Drag your finger to the left to let the girl go left, drag to the right to let the girl go to the right, double-tap to help the girl jump over the obstacle. The action in the game is just that. But are you really ready for the temptation? 

Obstacles here are not just bombs, big blocks, brick walls that need to be climbed to overcome, weak bridges… If that’s all, there are many similar games out there to play. You also have to overcome the allure of attractive hamburgers, a symbol of fat food, in the easiest places to eat.

For example, the burger appears right under the high walls, waiting for you to jump over the wall and automatically swallow it. You must absolutely avoid these beautiful but dangerous cakes because just one bite will make you swell in an instant, at breakneck speed. Big arms and legs, big body, big thighs and especially big butt.

You will feel your steps slow down, your body heavy, and you will feel bloated. You can no longer jump over obstacles, no longer climb walls quickly and can fall face down on the road at any time before reaching the finish line.

Avoid burgers like avoid plague, but there is one thing you need to eat a lot, which is vegetables along the way. They’re everywhere, and of course in places that aren’t as eye-catching as those burgers. You have to both avoid obstacles, dodge burgers, and move to eat as many fruits and vegetables as possible. Eat more, run faster and slimmer body. If you just eat all these low-carb vegetables and run through obstacles enthusiastically, then at the end of the game, you will become a super compact body-fit girl and also give a 6-pack belly. It’s every girl’s dream.

The cruel thing is that if you eat a lot of fruit, run a lot, your body can only be slim once, while eating a hamburger alone will make you fat 4, 5 times. The process of losing weight is slow, it takes a long time to see results. As for weight gain, she quickly became a fat girl.

The comedy image will make you more excited

The appeal and satire in Fat 2 Fit! is further increased thanks to the 2D design from the back view. To make the character’s fat or thin, just looking at the body is enough to imagine. Try to not laugh at the big body when the girl accidentally eats too many burgers. Just feel a little guilty and you will immediately lift your spirits so that next time you will do better, don’t eat so many burgers.

Fat 2 Fit! and Fit the Fat, sounds funny right?

MOD APK version of Fat 2 Fit!

MOD features

  • No Ads
  • Unlimited Coins

Download Fat 2 Fit! MOD APK for Android

Fat 2 Fit! is not for the purpose of body shaming anyone, nor to bring down fast food burger brands. So, if there is any negative thought, just put it aside, keep the mood comfortable because this is just a simple time-killing mobile game, there is no other meaning.

Easy to play, playful and witty images, eye-catching bright colors, fast-paced, short ending, each level only takes a few seconds. The game conveys the message of weight loss combining exercise, low carb, away from sweets very clearly. Fat 2 Fit! is a game too ideal to play when you need to go through the days and months, isn’t it? What more can I say, download this light game and play it now. It’s very fun and extremely easy.

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