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NameFantasy of Tower
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Fantasy of Tower APK is an epic post-apocalyptic MMORPG from the publisher Perfect World, and is rated with the famous Genshin Impact.

Introduce about Fantasy of Tower

Fantasy of Tower, which contains human ambition, can become the source of world destruction and open a series of most terrifying wars.

A little about Fantasy of Tower

Ignoring the fact that people often compare with Genshin Impact or the recent scandals, to be fair, Fantasy of Tower is a game worth playing. Compared to the common ground of mobile online combat role-playing games, which are still quite confusing, Fantasy of Tower emerges as a representative which has full of deep, wide, and different qualities.

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Fantasy of Tower started as a cross-platform game, released in 2022. Just a short time after launch, the game has won the hearts of players for many reasons. One of the reasons for that is because the graphics are very excellent with Unreal Engine 4 technology and the character set is constantly being added new. But for me, the attraction of this game is the high-paced combat actions in a huge, colorful sci-fi open world.

Background and Plot

Fantasy of Tower has a post-apocalyptic fantasy story. In that, humans found a powerful source of energy and they began to create Fantasy of Tower t to serve their outstanding development ambitions.

But this energy source is many times larger than human imagination. It began to emit radioactive waves everywhere, causing people to slowly die and slowly turn into aggressive, bloodthirsty radioactive monsters.

And yet, the huge amount of radiation spreading to the outside not only turns humans into monsters but also turns AI robots that were treated poorly by humans before, now mad and even stronger many times. They rebelled in unison, and together with the hordes of people who turned into monsters, gathered into an army of evil and powerful like never before.

You will be one of the remaining warriors of the world, carrying on a mission to fight monsters (who were previously contaminated with radiation), destroy a hostile robot army, find a way to transform release radioactive waves that are spreading everywhere, restore and upgrade Fantasy of Tower so that everything returns to its original order.

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The entire story is built on a vast open world. There is beauty, there is ruin, but covering is a colorful scene, opening terrible wars, and also signaling a new hope for humanity.

Just about the Context and Story alone, I found Fantasy of Tower full of radical ideas. The game has all the problems that are the headache points of modern people: environmental pollution, radioactive leaks, strange energy sources, development ambitions, potential dangers from AI robots… This opening is enough for the most demanding gamer to be tempted to try.


When playing Fantasy of Tower, you can combine with your teammates to fight through this dangerous and difficult world. Rating of the flexibility of the combat mechanics in this game, I will rate it 4 stars. It is a rhythmic combination of classic combat action role-playing, combined with eye-catching combat. The character can also be customized from the beginning from the appearance to the path of individual skill development.

The fact that you have to fight head-to-head with giant monsters or oversized combat robots also gives players a lot of chances to develop their forte and make the most of the character’s move types. You can fight on the ground, in the air, in large-area combat, in close combat, alone, or combination with your teammates. Many different types of execution and mixes will create a variety of attractive tactics in battles.

Weapons are also a big impressive point when playing Fantasy of Tower. If you are flexible enough, familiar enough with your character, and master your character, you can combine blockade and counterattack at the same time to quickly find weaknesses and attack enemies. This rare, quick, and coherent combination has helped the characters in Fantasy of Tower shine. And each person has their own strengths, the character line is so balanced, there is not much difference in combat strength.

The secret is that if you’re new to the game, you should get used to the simple, light weapons that have good fighting abilities, and high concentration. After getting used to the character’s moves and skills, then switch more with other weapons. The more focused, and less weapon-shifting in the beginning, the more time you have to understand your character.

You should note that in Fantasy of Tower there is also an implicit gacha element through a series of New Member Recruitment Events. This is both a stimulating factor to surprise and a place to create a fairly high risk for this game.

Interesting character customization

Regardless of the number of characters the game will end up with later, the fact that Fantasy of Tower offers a series of powerful customization features for the character is enough to promise extreme personalization. Those of you who have played MMORPGs know that seemingly small things like this bring great excitement to players, especially when you want to choose an opponent’s character but want to look completely different.

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Specifically, playing Fantasy of Tower, you can customize the character’s face, hair, accessories, costumes, and height. Even if you like a certain player’s character, you can copy it into your character.

Each character in the game has a different personality, with its own set of moves and skills. Depending on each player’s playing strategy, you can choose a character and combine moves with skills to create your own fast-paced combat. In the process of playing, do not forget that the RPG element is also very evident in the way to upgrade and strengthen the character, for the weapons carried on the body. And the later wars will be much more intense.

Fierce combat with terrifying speed

The battles in Fantasy of Tower will make you sometimes forget you are playing a mobile game. It’s very special, majestic, large-scale, and very jubilant. Fierce powerful characters, fighting fiercely with a bunch of huge monsters, accompanied by a series of explosive effects, bursting into flames on the screen.

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Accompanied by a resounding sound, both impressive and detailed. The whole real-time battlefield here is a culmination of the characters’ moves, skills, and combos. On top of that, they look very real and alive, real to the characters’ expression every time they use skills. There is no denying a large part thanks to Unreal Engine 4, but the rest is the upgrade system and attractive character design in the game.

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