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NameFail Run
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RequiresAndroid 4.4

Fail Run MOD APK is a super short and weird action game of VOODOO (France), launched in mid-2020. Each round only takes place within a few seconds, the level is increasingly difficult and the characters can be customized. The game is already available on APKMODY, you can download it for free.

Introduce about Fail Run

How could they come up with such a weird game?

The game takes place from an incomprehensible context: assuming you can’t run but can only take short, small steps, like a calcium-deficient person, what will it be like? So you will have to learn to walk slowly step by step and when you are close to reaching your goal, you will frantically fall down at the finish line. The gameplay happened like that, no more, no less, not a bit.

The task couldn’t be simpler

Walk to the pool, dodge the balls, step forward… The result is also the challenge of each round displayed at the top of the screen, clearly so simple that you think you have read it wrong.

But no. Forget about the platformer game, the complicated fight staging. Play Fail Run, you just go and win, run and fail. When I passed the level, I laughed. Sometimes I lose, I still could not find my mouth.

Fail Run is really harder than you think

The game makes the first impression is also very strange. Look at the logo, I wanted to try it, anyway. After playing, we know that life is not a dream. It is as inhibitory as Flappy Bird or Crossy Road. I thought, well, I choose a character to let in and then step through the obstacle course. It’s easy. Even kindergarten kids can do it. You are “bestowed” for an athlete’s muscular body, a police uncle, a firefighter, but there is no doubt that behind the six-pack character is an extreme lack of calcium body. Each step is limp like made of rubber or jelly, soft and flabby.

You begin to realize from your helplessness, understanding the menacing statement in the game description, “One small step for man, one big faceplant for mankind!”. When possessing a body with limbs like jelly, achieving achievements in the rankings and completing each round’s challenge is completely not easy.

Fail Run’s difficulty can make you mad because it is extremely inhibitory, not the type of thought that can be answered for a while. This is the impotent feeling, the foot wants to step, but the body does not walk. And that feeling of powerlessness is also the core of the game, the critical attraction that makes you want to play this game again.

Walking is different, touching the finish line also very weird

You will drag each hard step, skillfully combining short, long steps, choosing a subtle combination to bring your frail body closer to the goal. And I gasped when I first passed round 1 because I hit the finish line by falling on the blue line.

In some cases, you fall with one hand reaching out to the finish line, counted as “Completed”. Depending on how the situation falls at the destination, the audience’s heat level (invisible) is more or less.

This game inhibits from start to finish. Play a round, go one step to understand why the screenshot represents the game it is designed like this.

An extremely effective time-killing entertainment game

If talking about aesthetics, Fail Run is ranked mediocre. The texture is just big and small blocks of color intertwined, the font is also very basic and animated, the background color is not worth mentioning.

If we talk about structure, the game indeed has a lot of rounds with increasingly difficult levels. The need to complete is increasingly complicated (while the body is still as messy as level 1). There are many bright spots, such as customize characters, can change costumes with many different styles. But that’s almost all.

But, the game’s deadly attraction lies in the feeling of helplessness and insecurity in each character’s step. You shuffle every step, and even though you are very careful, you still don’t foresee when you will fall. Sometimes the finish line is right in front of you, then you have fallen flat. Some games very addictive because of curiosity and classic deep storyline, but with Fail Run, almost all of those standards turn into dust. It appeals to you because of its “easy but difficult” appearance, “thought possible but not possible”.

MOD APK version of Fail Run

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Download Fail Run MOD APK for Android

The rewards for each quest are as small as the mission itself, just claps and fireworks on the screen. Just like that. But Fail Run is in the top of the extremely popular time-killing mobile games, on both iOS and Android. Just like that, play without thinking, there is something to press the phone in in his spare time. Do you have any inhibitions when playing this game? But I’m still at level 60, and I’m very mad because I can’t go to the pool.

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