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NameEyes: Scary Thriller
Package Namecom.eyesthegame.eyes
MOD FeaturesUnlocked
RequiresAndroid 4.4

Discover the creepy mysteries in the horror game called Eyes: Scary Thriller MOD APK. All paid content has been unlocked, you can download and experience it for free.

Introduce about Eyes: Scary Thriller


Eyes: Scary Thriller tells about a burglary in a mysterious mansion, located outside the suburbs. It was owned by Mr Miles, an extremely wealthy merchant. However, this place has been abandoned for a long time and no one knows the reason.

A group of thieves know that the mansion has a lot of money, they made a plan to bypass the protective walls to break inside. But it seems strange things are going on. The scene inside has become desolate, cold. And they felt as if someone had appeared in this monstrous mansion.


Eyes: Scary Thriller conveys each content through levels, you will go through them in turn with each small area has been pre-divided. In each level, the goal that you need to achieve is to find the money bags hidden in the mansion. Then, you need to search for the door marked by your teammates previously to confirm that the mission is complete.

Eyes Scary Thriller gameplay

However, the search is not the only factor the game aims to. In the mansion, there are also ghosts. You will have to dodge them if you don’t want to end the level in fear.

To avoid them, you need to use two things, maps and Eye Runes. Eye Runes helps you check the location of ghosts in the mansion. Thanks to that, you can avoid death and complete the challenge.

The map has been hand-drawn and provided to you by the teammates. It outlines the roads, terrain, and necessary information in the level. You will have to learn how to read this map, combined with Eye Runes to know where the ghost is.

Some information you should know

There are a few things you should know when playing Eyes: Scary Thriller. First, Eye Runes cannot be purchased with coins. These supporting items are scattered around the house, you will have to find and use them in parallel with finding bags of money. Eye Runes are very important because at higher levels ghosts move faster and become more cunning. It can catch you anywhere if you cannot locate it to dodge.

Eyes Scary Thriller download for Android

Second, if you do encounter ghosts, you need to run quickly, sneak through small rooms so that they lose track of you. The game integrates fast movement feature, allowing you to accelerate within 3 seconds. Although not too long, it is enough time for you to escape.

Third, ghosts often appear in dark or narrow areas. If you move into such places, you should leave earlier.


Eyes: Scary Thriller is a horror game. Its content is designed to resemble Evil Nun, Granny: Chapter Two or Five Nights at Freddy’s. This game has a lot of scary scenes, from dark corridors, cold walls, abandoned rooms with messy objects.

Eyes Scary Thriller screenshot

The most horror is the ghost Krasue. Krasue has a look that makes the player feel nauseous, she only has a head with long hair and floating organs. She carried her hatred, willing to make the people who broke into the mansion suffer as she did.

Along with that, the background music tracks are full of gloom. Soon you will feel like you are inside Mr. Miles’ abandoned mansion, with the thrill, drama, and trembling of not knowing what’s behind the door.

MOD APK version of Eyes: Scary Thriller

MOD feature

Unlocked: Eyes: Scary Thriller is a free-to-play game, but some special chapters require you have to pay. The MOD version of APKMODY has unlocked all the content, you can play it completely free.

Download Eyes: Scary Thriller MOD APK for Android

Eyes: Scary Thriller deserves to be the most attractive adventure, horror game for Android phones. The horror elements will make you remember forever, from the dark corridors to the creepy ghost, Krasue. Will you be brave enough to face the spooky, creepy phenomena, collect all the money in the mansion and escape with your companions?

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