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NameExos Heroes
Package Namecom.linegames.exos
PublisherLINE Games
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RequiresAndroid 6.0

Exos is in chaos due to the curse of the dragon Exestruk. Download and install the APK file of Exos Heroes and regain its inherent peace!

Introduce about Exos Heroes

LINE Games, the “father” of a series of popular role-playing games has launched a new action role-playing game called Exos Heroes. Coming to this game, you will enter the journey to search for the legendary sword. It was cursed by the ancient dragon, Exestruk.

With a simple storyline, bold style of role-playing gameplay, Exos Heroes opens a large open world for players to explore freely.


Hundreds of years ago, Exos had two peaceful races, including humans and dragons. That didn’t last forever when the dispute between the two species began to erupt.

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Everywhere, wars broke out. Dust, smoke, people are miserable.

Doesn’t let this tragedy continue, the king of the Exos kingdom decided to sacrifice himself in exchange for peace for the people. The wish has been requested, but the king is forever gone with the cursed sword of the dark dragon.

Zeon, a treasure hunter, one day suddenly has the ability to talk to the ancient dragon Bitru. Thanks to that, he learned the secret story of the kingdom. He begins his journey to lift the curse of the Exestruk sword.


Coming to Exos Heroes, players will be involved in an adventure in a fantasy world like fairy tales. A series of quests and mysteries throughout the journey is waiting for players to discover.

Naturally, an action game can’t lack dramatic battles. Experience strategic battles and taking advantage of the Guardian Stone system to defeat enemies.

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With the Airship feature, players can explore and fight in the vast sky. This is a unique feature unmatched in role-playing games. You can download the game and experience it.

Airships are not merely a decorative model. It is like giant destruction machines or robots capable of flying. Players become captains, control and set up their own campaign.


Exos Heroes includes two modes: single-player and multiplayer.

In single-player mode, you can choose the difficulty level (from level one to four) before starting the match. If you are new, I recommend this mode to train earn experience, collect more cards and practice tactics. When you’re ready, you can choose a multiplayer mode to join the fight with your friends, challenge other players around the world.


In addition to Zeon, players can also recruit other warriors.

Exos Heroes has over 200 different characters for you to do that. Each of them possesses different looks, abilities, advantages and disadvantages. All information and index points are clearly stated on the card. Thanks to that, you can easily combine the cards to have the ability to support each other in the fight. Overall strength will increase significantly!

But, they are not available and not free. You need to perform missions, win the matches to be able to unlock them.

Some characters can be received at the lucky spin, others must be purchased with money. I quite like Chati because of her cute appearance. She has good defensive ability while being able to help the whole team increase the defensive ability when fighting. I often use Chati in quick matches to minimize casualties.


In addition to collecting characters to increase the fighting power for the team. Players can also equip weapons for them to deal more damage.

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Winning battles can help you gain equipment. When conditions permit, players can buy high-quality materials (exchanged by experience points) and build the best weapons.


I was really overwhelmed by the graphics in Exos Heroes, it was really great. Characters, battle effects to sound are perfect and suitable for the gameplay.

Download Exos Heroes APK for Android

Let download Exos Heroes, join the journey to find the legendary sword and rescue Exos from chaos. If you love this game, please leave a comment below the article.

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