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Evo Pop APK + MOD (Unlimited Money) v2.10

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NameEvo Pop
Package Namecom.zeptolab.evopop
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 6.0

While players are immersed in action games or interactive games, there are a few genres of particularly bizarre games that provide a sense of entertainment. If you are looking for this type of game, I highly recommend a funny game called Evo Pop MOD APK.

Introduce about Evo Pop

Overwhelm enemies with The Evo army!

What is Evo Pop?

Evo Pop is a hilarious game where the main characters are cute, square blocks, sometimes with big round eyes flashing in the middle. These blocks do many different tasks in the game, but most of them revolve around finding a way to “clone” themselves continuously to defeat the enemy Evos (you are the blue block, the enemy is other colors).

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There are many ways to develop Evo. The first one is to use magic to increase the size of Evo blocks, second is to eat grass and flowers to help Evo thrive, and the third way is Evo always spawns more by itself. Besides, you can eat smaller Evos to increase your size…

Also, there are many tasks set for you and your “gluttonous” cube… At first you will always have more advantage in games due to their enormous number and size over rival Evos. But later, the situation may change.

When it’s difficult, you realize you’re smaller than the enemy. At this point you must be incredibly careful because when you are in a hurry to find a way to multiply your number and weight. On the other side, your opponent is doing the same thing. They also multiply quickly and can attack you, devouring the blue Evos at any time.

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To win you must follow the following rules. One: never despise an enemy from the first round. Two: have a good strategy. Your Evos will have five separate ways to attack: multiply, increase in size, explode, jump, and slide on the opponent. These methods appear at the bottom of the screen with a strength gauge. When the power bar reaches a certain point, the ways will darken accordingly, signaling what you can do to fight.

The longer you wait, the stronger the later attacks will be. However, it is likely that the enemy Evos will spreade very quickly, which make you not be able to react. If the waiting time is short, you can attack quickly, but it is not necessarily effective. You will have to consider between one of Evos’ 5 ways of attacking to deal with the enemy situation at each moment.

Why should you try Evo Pop?

This is a fun game from the beginning to end with funny graphics, cartoon childish style and bright colors. The strange squares here are always moving like a living creature that is very pleasing to the eye. As long as you really want to relax, it will help dispel fatigue and depression in a moment.

Besides, the game looks childish but challenging. You always must use many different clever strategies to win each level. Choose to attack 1, 2, or 3, 4, 5? When is it suitable to attack? Wait a few more seconds for a powerful attack or kill the Evos right in front of you? There are 1001 ways to combine Evos moves. Each level is a new texture, mission, and challenge. So, the feeling of novelty and strategy is always overflowing in this game.

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Moreover, Evo here has a lot of species. Each species has a certain knack. For example, Evo Balloons can be split to create continuous attack chains. Evo Ice can slide like crazy down a large hill and clear the shadow of enemies. Depending on the characteristics of Evo, you choose the appropriate attack.

Remember that these attributes can be upgraded during gameplay. Evo will be even more powerful in the future.

The main currency in this game is Gems and Coins. By accumulating these items, you will unlock new attacks, unlock more quests and more new Evo species. Later, everything promises to be more attractive and more challenging.

MOD APK version of Evo Pop

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlocked


You can spend even you don’t have enough money and diamonds.

Download Evo Pop APK & MOD for Android

In a nutshell, Evo Pop is a realistic physics-based game that simulates the process of proliferating, shoving and more of the protagonist’s square blocks (sometimes with an eye in the middle) and clouds. Cloned enemies are also blocks of assorted colors. The game is light and fun but full of tactics. What are you waiting for? Play now to enjoy memorable moments.

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