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European War 7: Medieval APK + MOD (Unlimited Money/Medals) v1.6.2

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NameEuropean War 7: Medieval
Package Namecom.offline.strategy.europeanwar.middleage
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money/Medals
RequiresAndroid 5.0

European War 7: Medieval MOD APK is a strategy game from the famous mobile game publisher EasyTech. With just this one game, you can lead an army to conquer the whole of Medieval Europe, are you getting excited yet?

Introduce about European War 7: Medieval

Become a resourceful general, feel the breathtaking battlefields, conquer the turbulent European continent and build your own empire.

War strategy games are always one of the fascinating topics with rational minds. This genre was born to ponder, settle down in the stream of thoughts, calculate with a series of self-drawn positions in the head. So it’s perfect for playing anytime, anywhere on a device that can be easily carried in the hand. So it’s not surprising that strategy games are very popular on smartphones.

Because of such compatibility, strategy games on mobile are always very diverse. It’s hardly difficult to find a good strategy game. Today, I’ll introduce to you one more name that can be added to the list of things you should play on your phone, European War 7: Medieval.


European War 7: Medieval takes place in medieval Europe. You will be an aggressive emperor, ambitious to conquer and conquer all of Europe.

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Detailed impressed visuals

The first thing European War 7: Medieval will surprise you with will be the visuals. There have also been many strategy games that take advantage of the background map context model and place characters, generals, troops, arrows moving in the direction of the army… to represent the situation of the war. But not many games can do like European War 7: Medieval.

You can see on that map each horse, camel, what characteristics they ride, their soldiers, shields, swords, costumes of different groups, national flags, territories, ships, military units are stationed in each area. Every detail as small as this is visible, easy to see, and easy to understand even for first-time players.

This is also one of the reasons that make European War 7: Medieval one of the most accessible war strategy games.

European War 7: Medieval is also quite focused on color schemes. The color tone is not too bright, oriented towards retro, soothing to the eyes, but always accompanied by outstanding pigments to illustrate important details: the national flag, the armor color… I very much appreciate the composition. The color of this game is not too gloomy, not too colorful, everything is very comfortable.


European War 7: Medieval is already version 7 of this famous strategy game series. In the new return, players will experience many interesting things.

First, the game is not only tactics and formations as usual. In European War 7: Medieval, you can think of other “tricks” to get what you want like marrying the princess of a neighboring country. In addition, you can also do many complicated diplomatic activities such as negotiation, armistice, re-war, prisoner detention, conditional return of prisoners, etc. All these activities bring a lot of drama.

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This era of the fall of the Roman empire produced new heroes. Your starting point is just a talented general on the battlefield. Initially, you will start with participating in the big and small wars across Europe. Gradually you have formed a nation of your own and began your long conquest as a separate independent country.

In those days, whichever country captured the most land, had the most powerful army, and possessed a varied and unpredictable war strategy would be a formidable nation. Your goal is to become the emperor of such a powerful country, making all the countries in Europe tremble.

Many new points for every detail

European War 7: Medieval also adds more skills to characters. Each character represents one or several groups of troop units. These diverse skills have made the situation in this part 7 richer and more attractive.

The map system is also refreshed. The number of famous characters in the history of this game has reached more than 200, including big names like Napoleon, Murat, Wellington, Nelson, Kutuzov, Washington… Each character has different ranks and can be increased over time, from a common soldier to a marshal, leading an army, or even progressing to a future emperor.

Not only characters with their own characteristics, each army in European War 7: Medieval also has its own characteristics and functions. For each situation, each battle, you need to choose the right army with the relative strength indicators to be able to win on the battlefield. These troops themselves after a battle will collect more experience points, and slowly progress into a dedicated Elite Force, with increasing attack power.

European War 7 Medieval for Android 1440x810

The map of the war can now be customized more: zoom in, zoom out, fully display the borders, territories, movements of troops when the battle is in progress, soil, and situation of capital and army groups are also displayed on the map. This will give you the most detailed overview and overview of the battlefield situation.

The principle of victory in the game European War 7: Medieval: Identify the situation and the relationship of forces on the map details >> select troops, select generals to move in your favor >> combine armies and with the general’s talent, directing troops to the appropriate terrain. Having done all these things, your emperor can become the leader of Europe.

MOD APK version of European War 7: Medieval

MOD feature

Unlimited Money/Medals

Download European War 7: Medieval APK & MOD for Android

European War 7: Medieval is a strategy game that you can leisurely play from day to day. The long-term conquest of Europe that you are cherishing always contains unexpected battles that only you can play to realize the good inside.

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