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NameEuropean War 6:1914
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money/Medals
RequiresAndroid 5.0

European War 6: 1914 MOD APK is a famous strategy game for hard-core game addicts. The game will take you return to the era of World War I where famous military names have brought victories to their empires.

Introduce about War 6:1914

Join the biggest war in human history

Hardcore game for hardcore strategic players

World War I is a very important milestone. According to wikipedia, the first world war took place from July 28, 1914 to November 11, 1918. It took place across Europe and then affected the whole world, drawing all the strong nations to join. Considered a war between the Treaty faction (Britain, France, Russia and then the United States, Brazil) and the Central Coalition (Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria and the Ottomans).

European War 6 1914 for Android

Colonization was the main cause of war. Since then, the war has led to the Military Alliances, arms race, militarism, nationalism. Most of these factors are just premise “excuse” to lead to this “must be and inevitable” war.

Putting in this rather confusing context, you understand how heavy European War 6: 1914 is. If you simply like a light strategy game mixed with action role-playing, I advise against playing. And if you really like military, strategic elements and general control, this is a game you cannot ignore.

Strategy levels in this game

In the game, you will have in hand an extensive military map with full of itineraries and locations of major empires. You choose a level to battle: General, Princess or Training.

  • On the General level, you will walk around the map to consult the general situation of the war and choose a country to start your military empire with troops, power and freedom in hand.
  • At the Princess level, you choose which side to ally or oppose. The war this time is not only between generals, but also extends into war strategy macro and more influential.
  • In Training mode, you will have the opportunity to “practice” in a few battles before officially participating in the big battle.

Select the level then the Generals/factions will appear one by one with detailed instructions and the game officially begins. European War 6: 1914 has a total of more than 150 famous battles (based on historical facts) and is divided into 10 chapters. Names that you have heard and known before on the book are now more vivid than ever, such as: civil wars, the invasion of the Treaty faction, the Eastern Front, the decline of the Ottoman Turkish Empire, the fighting at sea, the Pull Monarchy, the dawn of victory … And you are an important part of the war.

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What is your mission in the game?

First choose the rank for your character, title and rank. Utilize the power to summon, train your own army, train the skills for a powerful team to prepare for battle. Besides the army, you also need to separately train special units to protect your country and empire through a number of specialized missions including sabotage, reconnaissance, and guerrilla. Those are also familiar names to history enthusiasts such as Hungari Air Gun Solider, German Firebat, British Tank…

Along with the military building, you must also have in hand solid military bases, economic zones, food zones, technology research zones.

If you know that the time of World War I was when the steam train was born, then surely you understand, technology is the core of victory in this war, is the cradle to help Germany, Japan, England, and France became powerful empires after the war (and also led to World War II). So, in the process of operating the base and the city, don’t forget to develop your technology. And technology is also the foundation for you to constantly build military academies that research war tactics and new weapons to defeat the enemy quickly.

Each battle also comes with many different small challenges in addition to the main mission. When you complete these challenges, you will earn points and your commanding skills will be upgraded. The higher the level, the stronger the power and bargaining. Of course, your enemies are also constantly increasing in strength and strategy, requiring you to constantly update information, find ways to grow your army.

Graphics and battles

In fact, you are not allowed to participate in real battlefields like shooting games. Almost all developments and battles took place on the map interface. If not cleverly designed, this graphic is easy to cause a feeling of being confined, cramped and difficult to see, especially the important characters. But European War 6:1914 did a good job of this. Maps in the game show clearly and in detail to each river. Tracing places on the map is also quite easy just by dragging and touching.

European War 6 1914 MOD by APKMODY

The game has more than 300 portraits of important champions with clear, different looks. You can easily recognize them. Even when we drag our hands to each person’s face, the screen shows a brief caption to remembering the character. Everything is very small, very detailed but still extremely easy on the eyes.

Milestones in terms of time and place also perform very well. The game has over 200 different important buildings marked for major battles. They are quite similar to the real prototype, which also creates great attraction in matches.

MOD APK version of European War 6:1914

MOD feature

Unlimited Money/Medals

Download European War 6:1914 APK & MOD for Android

The background music is simple, not fussy, just enough to create the necessary excitement for a battle, not too much detail to not distract the player. All details are focused entirely on the strategy. A game that is worth playing for players who are addicted to military strategy, especially for those who love history. Download European War 6:1914 MOD APK and play now, guys.

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