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NameEquestrian the Game
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PublisherKavalri Games AB
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RequiresAndroid 6.0
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Have you ever dreamed of becoming the best Equestrian in the world or curious how people with this passion made it come true? If you have ever thought about it, try this interesting simulation game Equestrian the Game APK.

Introduce about Equestrian the Game

Live the horse dream! Ride and compete with horses of different breeds and personalities!


In Equestrian the Game, you will be a young Equestrian with a lot of potentials, striving and forging strength from the smallest things to step by step firmly into the future.

Equestrian the Game is a game that simulates the work of an Equestrian. You can create your own farm, raise different breeds of horses, care for them, connect with them. And at the right time, you will send one of your pet horses to battle, participating in races to win the highest reward. You can conquer all the heights, defeat other players, and become the best Equestrian in the world.

Selecting, raising, and training horses: the important job of every equestrian

Equestrian the Game offers a wide selection of horses for players to refer to and decide on. Each breed of horse has its own characteristics, care, diet, and competitive strength. You need a schedule for raising and training your horses. Get to know them before making any parenting options. Through the process of getting used to and taking care of, you will find a connection with your horses. At this point, Equestrian the Game has a bit of a farm-building game.

Horse training is also quite an arduous task. You will get statistics during the observation and rearing of the horse. It is necessary to carefully observe these parameters and devise suitable paths for appropriate training. A mid-sized breed with the right training and upbringing can also excel in races.

If well cared for, you will receive different equipment for your horse such as Saddles, bridles, saddle pads, polo covers, riding boots… These items will all help your horseback riding in the events, race more favorable.

Compete with other players in the competition leaderboards

With more and more horse breeds, you will build your horse farm richer and richer. Interspersed between relaxing days taking care of horses on the farm will be dramatic horse races. The bonuses earned from these races will help you to add new breeds of horses to your horse farm. There are many rare, high-speed horse breeds like Arabian, Swedish Warmblood, Welsh Cob, Friesian, Thoroughbred…

The fact that Equestrian the Game is designed so that players can compete with other players on the racetrack is also one of the factors that make up the game’s appeal. The feeling of putting your name on leaderboards will be a great motivation for you to take more steps to conquer your passion.

Graphics and sound

Equestrian the Game is designed on vivid 3D graphics. Colors are also combined harmoniously, very commensurate with the level of this aristocratic sport.

The sound is also polished just enough, gentle, not too dramatic, not too quiet. The climax of the arena sound competition, the neighing of horses, the cheering of the stands will make you feel excited, very different from the lighthearted feeling of taking care of a horse. Such small psychological changes have created another attraction of Equestrian the Game.

Download Equestrian the Game APK for Android

With beautiful graphics, reasonable plot, gameplay that combines horse farm building with the most exciting races, Equestrian the Game will be a game you should play if you are interested in and love this sport.

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