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Energy Blast APK + MOD (Unlimited Money) v1.0.6

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NameEnergy Blast
Package Namecom.DCGEntertainment.EnergyBlast
PublisherTokyo Smart Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 4.4

You have so much free time and do not know what to do? Download and play Energy Blast MOD APK now – this idle but extremely addictive game. All you have to do is touch and touch to shoot energy blast as far as possible.

Introduce about Energy Blast

The game was released by Tokyo Smart Games – a well-known game developer on Google Play. In response to the player’s expectations, Energy Blast, despite its simple gameplay, is still extremely attractive to gamers thanks to its extremely high stress relieving ability. Although it was launched not long ago, this game has attracted more than 500,000 downloads and is expected to go further in the future. Coming to this game, players will transform into a character with infinite power, shoot explosions to break meteors or planets.


Do you know Son Goku, a Super Saiyan in Dragon Balls? Coming to this game, players will play a Super Saiyan (but no eyes and nose), use his superpowers to release energy into spheres and throw them away. The only goal is throwing that energy ball as far as possible. That orb will destroy any meteors or planets it encounters.

There are many meteors that appear in the orbit of the energy sphere. There are two main types of meteorites distinguished by color and size. Small brown meteorites when destroyed will give less money than large yellow meteorites. Especially, when you destroy the planet in the end, you will get a lot of rewards.

Simple control

Energy Blast is an idle game and is released on mobile devices, so the control system is very simple. Players only need to touch and hold to throw the energy ball. When the player touches a circle from small to large will appear, this will directly affect the energy of the orb. The smaller the circle, the more energy is concentrated into the ball and vice versa.

When shooting energy ball into the sky, you need to control by using your finger to move left and right for the ball to break the most meteors. Despite the simple gameplay, this game also requires players to be patient as well as touch and drop exactly when the energy circle reaches the max.


In this game, the character will use skills to release energy. Energy Blast offers players a large number of unique abilities. If you’ve ever watched Dragon Balls, you’ll feel familiar with them. With more than ten types that can be unlocked when a character levels up, ten skills are received when unlocking the Lucky Box randomly and the remaining ten skills that players can receive at the Chest Room. Thanks to this variety, Energy Blast is not rated boring and repetitive. Even the game’s developers are still working hard to update more exciting new features.


Although the character is only simulated human form and no eyes and nose. In return, players can arbitrarily change costumes for their characters to become more stylish. Initially when level 1, players will be provided costumes like a boxer. Just like collecting skills, players can collect skins by unlocking when levelling up, Lucky Box, and collecting them at the Chest Room.


Break as many meteors in one flight as possible to collect more gold coins and especially break the planet, you will get a lot of money. Also during the flight, the player will collect random keys. Use the key to open the treasure chest in Lucky Box, each time you use it will consume three keys.

However, in return, you will earn a lot of gold or new costumes, skins for the character. Money can be used to upgrade skill cards for characters. There are three cards including Strength, Speed and Stamina for players to upgrade. The higher the upgrade level, the stronger the throws will become and the orb will fly farther. In addition, Offline cards can also be upgraded similarly. They will help players earn some coins while offline.

MOD APK version of Energy Blast

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: Your money will increase when you upgrade your character.

Download Energy Blast MOD APK for Android

Energy Blast is an extremely addictive game, suitable for you when you want to kill your free time. With colorful designs and great motion graphics, players will never get bored while experiencing this game. Download it now and test your ability to see how far can you throw the energy ball?

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