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NameEllen Sword
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RequiresAndroid 4.4

Ellen Sword APK is a 3D-graphic AAA game in which the players will transform into the character Ellen to go around discovering, deciphering the secrets and even their own origins.

Introduce about Ellen Sword

The journey to find yourself in a strange land!

“Playing Ellen Sword feels like playing a PC game”, is the first comment that caught my eye when I first searched for a review about Ellen Sword. For a mobile game lover, this must be one of the most important elements to choose a game. Of course, very few mobile games can do this. And I came to Ellen Sword with high expectations.

The graphics are second to none

I played it a second time, a third time or more, I was still not disappointed. The choice that day was wise. Ellen Sword has excellent graphics. In the game, you will witness a series of 3D scenes fanciful in an unusual way that has never been seen in another game. Simply because the world of Ellen Sword is not the world of ordinary people.

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The top-down view that takes place for the entire game will make you quickly realize this anomaly. Everything in the game is unknown, there are many strange plants and creatures that cannot be named, and scenes that are not on Earth.

One thing that makes me grateful to the developer is that Ellen Sword is spotless but not too picky about phones. It is unlike blockbuster games with incredible 3D graphics on mobile which often come with a series of harsh requirements in terms of specifications and memory of phones. Just with a smartphone, you can play this game smoothly without any lag or frame delay.


Ellen Sword is about an endless journey of a short-haired girl named Ellen. Ellen woke up not knowing where she was, what she did, or what had happened. All memories became blurred. Before her eyes, there was only a large, strange, unfamiliar space. From here, Ellen’s journey to find herself and uncover terrible secrets truly begins.


Ellen has to adventure through scenes and fight strange creatures to continue her long journey. The colorful fantasy world of Ellen Sword always hides secrets. In each place you visit, you must find the solution to the hidden secret corresponding to a different mission of each scene. When the secret is opened and the mission is completed, you will open a new location, continue to destroy the enemy, answer your own questions to go on a new journey.

The combat mechanism in this game is quite classic. Use the characters’ built-in skills, combine with weapons collected on the road with some instructions from the voice to fight the enemies of the strange land ahead. They always appear at unexpected times with the most bizarre shapes that you never imagine. While enjoying the beautiful scenery, traveling around in the large and magical world of Ellen Sword, you fight fiercely with fierce monsters. That must be the pleasure of any true AAA addict.

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Throughout the game is a rather ghostly voice. It is the road-guiding voice and what guides you through each challenge and introduces constant enemies along the way. At first, you may obediently obey it because it is actually quite confusing when facing strange surroundings. But after playing for a while, you may think “Wow, who is this guy, why should I work so hard following him?” And a series of questions keep popping up in your head like “where is this, what is this world, who is Ellen herself, why does she have to find every secret?”…

Narrative voice leads the player’s emotions

Of course, you can also choose to listen to the in-game voice acting or turn it off. If you follow it, you will stick to the plot and find the light for the character in the way the producer wants to convey. If you turn it off, you will discover and do everything around at your own discretion. This can lead to a different or the same outcome in the end.

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I personally appreciate the dialogues or monologues in the game. Full of characters’ emotions and inhibitions are all released through these little chats. Bewilderment, fear, anger, sadness… are enough. These are also times when the plot is closely connected, elaborate, and quality. Don’t skip through them, until you are truly blown away by your own discovery.

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The game is so beautiful, the fantasy world makes me both scared and excited. The deep story with many turns and events and mysterious creatures did startle me many times. The character is built well with his own personality, the weapons are typical, and the flexible control mechanism is rarely seen in other mobile games. In conclusion, it is worth playing and worthy of respect, guys.

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