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NameEchoes of Magic
Package Namecom.nabooplanet.magicrystal
PublisherOnefun Games
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RequiresAndroid 6.0
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Echoes of Magic APK is a fantasy role-playing game MMORPG from the publisher Onefun Games. In the game, you are one of the heroic adventurers, trying to protect your abode from fierce strange beasts.

Introduce about Echoes of Magic

Let’s roam around in the immense unpredictable world with the heroic adventurer!

MMORPGs on mobile platforms (and on PC) are often made in the direction of swordplay role-playing or fantasy mythology, which brings a lot of excitement for players. But today, if you download Echoes of Magic to play, you will see everything has been up to one new level.

The majestic simulation world in the game will make your heart crazily beat

Because in Echoes of Magic, endless mythology on a fantasy graphics simulator, an endless open world of adventure will open before your eyes, immense and majestic. In it, you can go anywhere, do anything, and not be bound by the narrow screen on a phone or tablet. This kind of experience is inherently quite a lot on PC, but on mobile platforms, it is quite rare, and if any, it has not reached the smooth level as in Echoes of Magic.

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In the game, you will play the role of a heroic explorer, looking to discover, destroy aggressive monsters with many types and bloodthirsty to protect your homeland. There are a lot of details that are plugged in somewhere during the main character’s adventure that you will slowly discover, and sometimes have to be amazed by a dynamic secret disclosed.

Playing Echoes of Magic is not a matter of “open your mouth and wait for more”

Echoes of Magic is attractive in not only the storyline and high logic but also game modes. It is known that in the game, no one can take advantage of Auto Attack mode. That means you have to really put in the effort and use your mind to upgrade or go through the scene. This requirement, for me, is fair.

A work of art is about seeing, enjoying, and immersing in it. Only when you immerse yourself in the game, you can clearly understand the truth of the situation, and understand the nature of each skill as well as the control mechanism for each character. In short, you have to “live with the game”, not “play to finish the game”.

Let’s play and mingle as Echoes of Magic has hundreds of interesting things for you to explore

In total, in Echoes of Magic, there are more than 300 skills which are in turn distributed to players depending on their accumulation points and the level available. The types of upgrades are not only a straight line, A combined with B will be different from A combined with C. In addition to skill, your hero also has a chance to accumulate more than 100 weapons and equipment of all kinds from the most rudimentary handcraft to the most advanced modern. Accompanying there are more than 10 big bosses and dozens of small bosses along the way.

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Like I just mentioned above. Our great explorer has not only one but many skills that work together to increase the “danger” of him, which means that from one skill (which can be low or high, it’s okay), you can unlimitedly combine with other skills to make an assassin capable of summoning aura, or a healer capable of assassination, or a tanker capable of high damage. Note that each character has a maximum of 5 active skills and 4 passive skills. So, let’s care more about how to mix those skills.

“Never care” game mode in Echoes of Magic

There is also no rigidly complex class division in Echoes of Magic. Instead, you acquire skills and magic spells quickly. For example, along the way, you pick up the wand, then you immediately become a Magician capable of summoning storms. You pick up the god’s arrow, you immediately become a professional Marksman. It’s very easy, there is no limit to hold you.

Having said the game mode, it is impossible not to mention the typical “battle together” mode of classic MMORPG style. In the game, after spending time fighting alone, the adventurer will return to their homeland, make friends, form guilds, and challenge other adventurers at home. And exciting battles since then take place endlessly.

Echoes of Magic’s awesome graphics and sound

The open emulator world in Echoes of Magic is the first highlight to attract players. It is all thanks to the graphics designing skills of the manufacturer team. A scene of a dark old forest with goblins crawling around, a dark dungeon and vampires hiding everywhere, or a monster boss melting and reaching out of its slimy liquid to grab you … Every detail and movement in Echoes of Magic is very attractive, very sharp, and, most importantly, there is no stop for movement. Wherever you go, what are you waiting for, everything flying around is very beautiful and vivid. What can only be done on PC is now nearly achieved on mobile platforms.

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The music in the game, depending on the scene, will change. But in general, it well portrays the dark space brought by monsters covering the adventurer’s homeland. Fierce battles are embellished with the dramatic sounds of weapons and magic. All create a mythical world that is not only beautiful but also surprisingly real.

Download Echoes of Magic APK for Android

Come on, download the game and play now! If you love Echoes of Magic, do not hesitate to share your thoughts in the comments.

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