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NameEarth Protect Squad
Package Namecom.lb4business.tpsgame
PublisherKisunja - Fun Shooting Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 4.4

The battles to protect the Earth from alien invasion are not only a favorite theme in movies but also in games. Earth Protect Squad MOD APK is a game that will put you in an unpleasant fantasy situation, where you and your skilled army shoulder the burden of countless difficulties.

Introduce about Earth Protect Squad

Learn how to fight extraterrestrial spaceships and defend our home


Out of nowhere, deep in space or from another dimension, danger suddenly struck without warning.

One day, a lot of giant spaceships appeared in Earth’s orbit. First, they destroyed large military bases. After the ship opened, a series of well-equipped alien legions scattered all over the ground and started looking for something in every corner of the planet.

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This sudden appearance not only spread terror but also signaled a terrible war that would break out. The aliens were possessing strange fighting machines. As for the army, there were thousands of mutant creatures that looked like human spines attacking people. The worst had finally come, they not only shot and destroyed everywhere, but also turned people into their weapons.

Amid that critical situation, Earth Protect Squad is humanity’s last ray of hope. This is a small military organization, which was created with the mission to counter the threat from aliens. They are all brave warriors equipped with the most modern weapons on Earth such as battle bots and force field weapons. They also have a series of labs spread out everywhere where they can freely modify weapons to give them a tactical advantage. Earth Protect Squad warriors can constantly change their strengths such as changing the range of fire, modifying parts of the barrel, changing many diverse types of explosive ammunition before performing difficult tasks.

During the long war, the question arises: What are those aggressive aliens looking for on this Earth and how far will they go to achieve it? Not only learn how to fight them on each battle, but you also work with your teammates to find the cause of it all and protect your planet.


To represent the whole dramatic fantasy action story above, we have a third-person shooter game. You will play as a special operations soldier of the Earth Protect Squad, fighting tenaciously to help your teammates achieve the goal of preventing attacks from alien enemies.

Earth Protect Squad has an automatic aiming function for those who are new to it or want to enjoy the battlefield more comfortably while ensuring accuracy with different guns. The purposeful third-person perspective will give you the widest view and the most epic combat experience. This is also the most convenient perspective so you can freely change weapons and promptly give quick reactions when the situation changes unexpectedly.

The operation when playing this game is also quite classic. On the left side of the screen is the scroll bar, on the right is the fire button. Under the screen is the main area which provides a series of other necessary utilities and equipment such as grenade launchers, bulletproof armor, mortar helmets, scopes, smoke bombs, first aid kits, drones… The rest of the screen is a set of weapons so you can switch freely during combat.

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In this fierce battle involving the destiny of all humanity, you must destroy countless enemies. Earth Protect Squad has more than twenty levels, each level consists of many enemy attacks. You have to continuously shoot down each of the many enemies that are coming in droves. They don’t just have one shape or ability, but a multitude of terrifying mutants such as robots, zombies, combat troops and aliens with aggressive looks.

After completing each level, you will get a lot of money. With this money, you can unlock some improvements for the soldier Earth Protect Squad like adding new weapons, modifying important weapon components to increase range and attack ability, or even upgrading the Squad warrior’s own attack skills.

In this game, you will in turn witness many different contexts from hot desert with full of sand to the white polar region, or the empty modern city… Each place has a different feeling. Remember to take advantage of the terrain on Earth that you’re so familiar with to hide when needed or move forward and backward at the right time to launch powerful attacks that block all enemy advances.

Game mode

It will be a mistake if you think that Earth Protect Squad is only attractive in terms of story and gameplay. One of the three factors that makes the game “hot” in the shooting enthusiast community is its ability to support interaction and extremely dedicated team cooperation. As I mentioned above, we will fight with our teammates in each battle. Invite friends or join existing players, you will perform a series of heroic attacks with many distinct roles. Attack, defend, support each other continuously to survive till the end and find out many terrifying secrets behind the invasion of aliens.

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In addition to this co-op mode, Earth Protect Squad has many other things that make you unable to “escape”. Participate in single missions to collect attractive rewards or join the team to win high with increasingly difficult levels. And this difficulty always brings decent rewards. In Earth Protect Squad, the battle is always much more difficult than the odd one, the resources are also rarer. Besides, the monsters are so numerous, loud, strong, and mischievous that forces you to fight non-stop and constantly communicate with your teammates to exchange strategy. But in return, the reward after each battle is extremely worthy, much more than when playing the single mode.

Graphics and sound

A series of difficult movements such as crouching, lying on the stomach to observe, sprinting, walking backwards, walking, and shooting continuously… are all extremely comfortable and seamless without any interference. There are only few games can do this. Only real shooters with a lot of investment and attention can get these complex movements.

Sound effects of guns, bombs, explosions, and footsteps everywhere are always present in the game. Everywhere is a battlefield filled with smoke, fire, and the sound of gunfire. The feeling of excitement is also increased many times with heavy weapons, creating different epic sounds when the trigger is pulled.

MOD APK version of Earth Protect Squad

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

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Third-person shooter with deep story to help players have more purpose after wars, easy manipulation, extreme weapons Terrible and attractive combat mechanism. What are you waiting for? Give it a try now!

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