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NameDunk Shot
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The Ketchapp games are known for their fun, beautiful graphics and simple controls. As a subsidiary of Ubisoft – the giants in the gaming world, Ketchapp is own the best graphics technologies and talented programmers. That is also why Ketchapp games are always attractive, though they still retain their typical character of simplicity.

Dunk Shot is one of Ketchapp’s latest mobile games, drawing on the concept of basketball (a popular sport in the United States), and the gameplay style of Angry Birds. Today, Dunk Shot has climbed to the top 3 in the ranking of the most prominent game in the US only after 4 days.

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Just like the name, Dunk Shot is simply trying to shot the ball into the basket, achieving as many points as possible, so simple that everyone at any age can understand it. And then it’s a game that will keep you entertained for hours, a game that emphasizes the technology and the agility of the players.

Practice is the only way to play Dunk Shot

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When playing Dunk Shot, you will have to touch your finger to the phone screen and drag to power the angle and for the shot, just un touch your hand so the ball flies up and falls into the basket. In that case, you will put the ball in the next higher basket on the screen, high and higher, until you make mistakes and fail. This game is based on a system of physical motion that you will have to get used to and learn how to control them, try to think of Angry Bird 2.

Understanding the physical movements is the key to mastering your throws. When the ball is put into the basket continuously, the basket becomes larger and the score for the next shot increases. Or if you want, throw the ball into the wall and get the ball back in the basket will give you more points, but these throws are often difficult and require you to a higher level.

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The game is not only that, the more you throw more accurately the ball into the basket, the game will become more difficult. These baskets will start to move, up or down, or to the side, and then they will move in both directions at a very fast speed.

Much more interesting

Dunk Shot unlock balls

The scoring system in this game is shown in the form of golden star numbers. Typically, you’ll see the number of golden stars on your screen. Collecting certain stars will help you unlock new kind of balls to use. You will have to have at least 100 stars to unlock a new kind of ball, in addition there are some special balls that will require you to complete a task in the game. This is fun when you have new things to do in this game.

To get a lot of stars, you can watch in-game ads and share your games on Facebook, as well as get the highest score you can.

Download Dunk Shot APK for Android

Simple but beautiful graphics, and fun. Only with simple motion effects, Ketchapp has brought you a fairly good game for the free time. It is the simplicity of Dunk Shot that makes this game reaches many people.

Game support for two familiar operating systems, iOS and Android. Through the link below, you can download Dunk Shot game and experience this latest Ketchapp game.

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