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NameDungeon Princess 2
Package Namecom.ssicosm.dungeon_princess_2
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Gems
PriceFREE $0.99
RequiresAndroid 4.4

Dungeon Princess 2 MOD APK, the sequel to the roguelike and turn-based strategy game of the same name, promises to bring many interesting experiences to players.

Introduce about Dungeon Princess 2

Dungeon adventure with heroic female warriors!

Typical of the feminist mobile game series, Dungeon Princess 2 is a game with quite a lot to comment on, from the boldly mixed gameplay to the way everything connects for the ultimate goal in the game. For those who are passionate about manga art, Dungeon Princess 2 will be an irresistible game because of the series of captivating images of the talented heroines in the game.


Dungeon Princess 2 is a combination of Strategy + Roguelike + Turn-Based Combat. And to gather all three of these “dishes” into one, Dungeon Princess 2 also has a charming “background”. Wide enough, deep enough, and reasoned enough for each style to have its distinctive display. It is a story about heroic female warriors.

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In the game, you will be a charismatic and brave princess. She will use her wits, tactical talents, and sharp wits to lead the heroine warriors on an adventure into the dungeons to eliminate the evil plans of the dark forces.

Rare abundance

Dungeon Princess 2 features more than 50 female warriors with distinct voices and expressions. Each female warrior has her characteristics and strengths. Each time a weapon is provided, the character will automatically change her appearance. There are more than 1000 different weapons in the game, along with a combination of 50 characters, so the number of looks can reach thousands. This huge number is too big for any manga fan, right?

Not only can you exchange weapons, and characters, but you can also combine with many unique armor types. With more than 50 sets of armor, your female warrior will freely roam around and change her cool appearance.

Moreover, to improve its richness, Dungeon Princess 2 generously brings up to 200 different artifacts to beautify and support the character in each battle.

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Choosing which character to fight and which combo equipment to best implement the strategy in mind, is entirely up to you. Feel free to experiment in this game. You will find the fighting style that best suits you.


It combines all three genres including Strategy + Roguelike + Real-time turn-based combat but is not messed up. On the contrary, it is very rhythmic and interesting. Each genre has its characteristics and fully shows its inherent appeal.

Strategy shows when you constantly consider among the existing heroines, who should be in the squad, who should strike first, who should attack, who should defend. The ability to make strategy is also evident in the selection of weapons, armor, and skills before each battle. Clever arrangement and selection strategies will help you beat quickly. Otherwise, you will quickly go into a passive position. Dungeon Princess 2’s high level of strategy will be what makes you spend a lot of time investing in the game, to collect many characters, many weapons, skills to have the opportunity to show tactical talent. 

Roguelike, on the other hand, creates drama and attractiveness for the game. If you lose the battle, you will start over. Every battle is a unique and final chance. Under that great pressure, players are always both excited and nervous, having a lot of motivation to fight hard. Roguelike also shows the “choices” in all elements, from characters to weapons, to costumes. Every time you beat an enemy, you’ll get a few loot options. Choosing which item to bring back to your team is entirely up to you. The goal is an item that will benefit future battles.

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Turn-based combat is not new, but when combined with the two genres above, it has created a new attraction. Whoever wins the previous battle will be the first to strike. Then it will be the opponent’s turn, then it will be yours. If you miss, you lose your turn. When one side runs out of heroes, that side is defeated. Turn-based battlefields give players time to think, change weapons, adjust tactics to suit alternate breaks, and are also very exciting. For me, it is not too competitive.

MOD APK version of Dungeon Princess 2

MOD feature

Unlimited Gems


If the game crashed, please open it again.

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Such a great heroine manga-themed game. It has nice pictures, pretty good plot. The highlight is combining 3-in-1, three game genres into one place to create a unique novelty for the game. If you like the topic of dungeon fighting, you should try Dungeon Princess 2.

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