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NameDungeon and Gravestone
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PublisherWonderland Kazkiri inc.
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RequiresAndroid 7.0

Dungeon and Gravestone APK is a roguelike dungeon-fighting RPG where you enter a world of magical transformations after each death and rebirth.

Introduce about Dungeon and Gravestone

Dive into dungeons and be the one to solve the mystery of the dungeon!


Dungeon and Gravestone is the story of a hero in the afterlife. Awakened from a deep sleep, you found yourself in the city of the Demon King of Death. In here, you only have two paths to choose from. One is to stand still and do nothing and disappear forever. The second is to find a chance to escape from this place by moving forward, going straight into the smoking dungeon in front of you, and fighting fiercely with anything you encounter on your way.

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With nothing left to lose, your hero begins his adventure in a deep dungeon, where his own tombstone is located. The deeper you go into the dungeon, when the gates open one after another, the more you realize this place is scarier than you imagined. Surrounded by monstrous killing machines, you, with that soft body, will have to die again and again. Sometimes you even don’t know if you can reach your destination or not and be strong enough to escape the embrace of death.


Dungeon and Gravestone is a classic dungeon-challenging roguelike game. Through the battles, you must constantly make smart choices to upgrade your strength, upgrade your weapons, collect the necessary food, drink, and rare items along the way, and Fight hard to preserve the body’s blood. But if luck runs out, you’ll die and come back to life from the first scene with plenty of experience and mental health to start a new game.

When you die and have to play again, all the dungeons in the game will change shape, the labyrinth will be different, the enemies will be different, the items and equipment will randomly appear in other places. The pitfalls are also completely different from what you remember. The only thing that stays with you is courage and experience.

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Dungeon and Gravestone is a bit more difficult than the roguelike games you know that a small element of common sense can also reduce your health. For example, lack of food, lack of drink, will make your character feel tired and run out of blood. It is this feature that adds to the drama in Dungeon and Gravestone. The game forces the player to always be in a state of alertness and concentration so that at least you have to look around every dungeon maze to find food and drink for your character.

Each dungeon is also associated with a different quest. Passing one mission will lead to another new challenge that is more difficult than before. Bosses don’t always evenly distribute one per scene. There are extremely difficult scenes, you will have to fight both bosses at different times. So you should prepare carefully, always in a state of ready because you do not know when a difficult situation will come.

Impressed dungeons

It can be said that Dungeon and Gravestone have very ingenious dungeon-building art. Not only the dungeon but even the town’s appearance changes, a mysterious world that constantly transforms every time you come back to life and go back to the beginning. The inspiration is high and you will never get bored even knowing it’s just a typical roguelike. This is the good thing that many games of the same genre on mobile have not been able to do thoroughly.

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In each dungeon, you not only need to pay attention to the enemy but also care about the character’s food and drink as I mentioned above. And also have to constantly keep an eye on the traps spread everywhere. Anything can make you exhausted and die writhing in regret: a ticking time bomb, a bunker, a movable rock… Once again the art of dungeon building in Dungeon and Gravestone is clearly shown. Depending on the player’s level up, the food sources and these traps are entangled in a balanced way to make it hard for players to be eager to find a way through, and easy enough that it won’t frustrate players who prefer a concise style.

At the same time, there are also interesting puzzles, a few big and small secrets that need to be exposed to the end when you go to the end of the adventure, you can escape from the hands of death and save your hometown.

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If you have a strange fascination with labyrinths, dungeons, and stories of heroes who don’t manage to die again and again to solve the mystery of the dungeon, then Dungeon and Gravestone is exactly what you looking for.

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